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Discussion in 'An Eye For Detail' started by WhiteSpy9, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. WhiteSpy9

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    Did a major detail. Pictures came out really crappy, but instead of deleting I thought I'd share.

    Day 1: Wash, PC w/ XMT #3/#1, and 1st layer of Poor Boy's EX-P sealant. (Damn that shit smells good!)
    Day2: 2nd coat Poor Boy's EX-P
    Day3: 3rd coat Poor Boy's EX-P, topped w/ Natty's Red paste wax(Damn that smells good too! Strawberries!!!)

    Over all I am EXTREMELY impressed with the natty's red paste wax. It was insanely wet for a paste wax. Only gripe is that putting red wax on a red car was a PITA to make sure all spot were covered. I don't know if it went on red or just really clear, but it hazed up well after about 10-15 minutes and let me see where I missed anything.
    The Pooy Boy's EX-P sealant was also very easy to put on and wipe off. I hope it lasts for how easy it was to apply.

    Results: I have NEVER seen this car so RED.
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    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    Looks good man. Did you apply everything by hand or machine or what?
  3. dmention7

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    Nice job! I need to get my detail on too. I think I am just past the "curing time" for my fresh paint.
  4. Workdawg

    Workdawg NARWHAL

    Hey Andy, my car's next right? It needs a full on clay though before you wax it :p
  5. WhiteSpy9

    WhiteSpy9 Guest

    Applied the XMT w/ a PC. Polish and Wax by hand.
    The XMT is some pretty light stuff and it didn't get ALL swirls out,but I got most.

    Dan... the only thing I'm doing next is your mom, but I promise to clay her first. Really.
  6. WhiteSpy9

    WhiteSpy9 Guest

    It's getting pretty cold to do a hand wash. I don't know how the laser blue holds up, but if you are interested in stopping over. You're more than welcome to use the garage and w/e I have here. There is a touch less car wash right down the road.

    The poor boy's sealant only needs about an hour or so to cure, before you wipe it off and top it with wax. Over night between coats though.

    If you want to set something up at your place. I'm in too.

  7. ij1889

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  8. Big Nate

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  9. mazdaslow3

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    Looks Great. Mine will have to settle for a wash until spring.
  10. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Wow. I need to get my detail on like that. SRSLY. I don't normally get all hot over True Red, but you do good work.
  11. mc866

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    I love PB's stuff, affordable but works great. So a good review for the Natty's red? I have the blue and the standard paste. Also love the smell of the EX-P, just pissed I didn't have time to do a full seal and topper this fall and now I think it's too late unless I find a heated garage or something.
  12. WhiteSpy9

    WhiteSpy9 Guest

    I guess I can't give a solid natty review because it was on top of 3 coats of pb. BUT I can say it was extremely easy to put on and extremely easy to wipe off.
    Plus it smells like strawberries. What else do you need from a wax?
    It doesn't seem to have much shine though, lots of wetness.
    Id like to have top it with a high gloss wax or done a polishing stage.

  13. mazday

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    Nicely done! good job
  14. Avion39

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    Nice work. I wish I had the time to do that on my ride.

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