When do you swap your winter wheels?

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In the fall, when do you swap your wheels/tires to snows?

  1. October

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  2. November

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  3. December

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  4. When it snows too much

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  5. Not til it snows

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  6. Already swapped them

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  7. Other(post your comments)

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  1. escort1991

    escort1991 New Member

    For those of you who have a summer and winter set of wheels, when you do swap them?

    Poll it up and if you have any additional comments, post them up as well.
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  2. ohsixspeedsix

    ohsixspeedsix Owl Exterminator!!

    After the first initial dusting we get before the ground freezes. When the snow is gone after a day. That's when I swap mine out.
  3. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT New Member

    Kept mine on all summer. Oops...
  4. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Generally my winters would go on the car about the time it goes into storage. So.... mid to late november, car is usually out by late march/early april. Winters are technically on the mx6 right now.
  5. million

    million Member

    I still need to make sure the steelies that I bought, will work on my car. I still need to pick up new winter rubber. Any suggestions? I was running Firestone Winterforce on my Outback when I had that car. I was happy with them and they weren't too expensive.
  6. escort1991

    escort1991 New Member

    What steel wheels did you pick up?
  7. 1Kris06

    1Kris06 MAD LIGHTS YO

    I switch to my winter car after the first unexpected snow fall. On a more serious note, IIRC, winter tires *should* go on when the avg temp is around 45*.
  8. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

    Steelies may go on as early as this coming weekend. Was really just holding out for a final auto x or a cruise with good road temps. I think I'm just gonna park the 113hp monster earlier this year. Sit it from Oct - April likely. :(
  9. WhiteSpy9

    WhiteSpy9 Guest

    I have 3 seasons and winters, so I wait a little later.
    If I had summer/winter set up with tires that don't fair well in even cold weather.
    I would be switching them out in October.
  10. ohsixspeedsix

    ohsixspeedsix Owl Exterminator!!

    So are you not coming on the cruise just because its not overnight aj? Lol
  11. 007CobaltLS

    007CobaltLS Member

    I wanted to know how those Winterforce tires are. I had Hankook Winter iPike's for my first set of winter tires and they were AMAZING. I replaced them with General Altimax Arctic...same tread design...figured I could get away with saving $20-25 a tire and get the same type of wear and traction...WRONG. They're winter so they're better than any all season, but they're shit. My Hankook's lasted 3 years and I still could have gotten another year out of them, but I sold them. These General's will last maybe 3 years...last year sucked so I think that might be why they wore so quickly, but still, the fronts are at about 1/2-2/3 tread left and the rears have almost no wear. When I rotate them this year we'll see how it goes.

    I recommend the Hankook Winter iPike personally. But I want to try Blizzak's and Michelin X-ice sometime. They're rated pretty good as well. But in all honesty, the Hankooks...I was so sure of how the car would drive I could drive anywhere from 10 below the speed limit to the speed limit or just above after decent snowfalls when other people would be driving at maybe 35-40 on 610.
  12. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

    With an overnight I'd be in 100%, without I'm tentative based on the weather/temps.
  13. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    Depends on the weather forecast and my schedule but usually late October or early November. If you have actual summer tires the cold temps aren't good for them so it's best to put them away once the temps start dropping. I'll likely be switching out the third or fourth week in October this year since my 'winter' set is just all-seasons and November is going to be really busy for me.
  14. niterydr

    niterydr Legendary Status!

    Probably next weekend as the rest of October is booked up pretty solid for us and I want to have the wife get use to the new winter tires/break them in. Also got to get my boat winterized and put away :(.
  15. million

    million Member

    A set of 16x7 with the appropriate bolt pattern. Offset will be slightly different... might stick out about 6mm more than my stock ones. Paid $60 for the set of 4. All they need is a quick sanding to get rid of a little surface rust and then some new paint.

    I just want to make sure that I won't run into any issues with my brake calipers.

    Sounds like I should take a look at the Hankook Winter iPike tires. Any other suggestions?
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2012
  16. What are snow tires?
  17. niterydr

    niterydr Legendary Status!

    Tires you put on the wife's FWD GTI so she doesn't have to call and have you pull her out every day in your 2500HD Silverado (which is my "snow tire" for my stealth)?

    That is my definition :)
  18. escort1991

    escort1991 New Member

    I have some Hankook Ice Bears and they seem pretty good.

    Due to the miles I drive, I think I will be putting the winter tires on later this month, early next month unless it stays warm. Need to preserve them to make it through the winter.
  19. Mnspeed3

    Mnspeed3 New Member

    Its going snow next week..Why? Cause I bought new summer tires last week :)
  20. ohsixspeedsix

    ohsixspeedsix Owl Exterminator!!

    Damn. It's cars like yours that make me wish I had a gen 2 MS3.

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