Warning: Do not purchase from "dabears2k"...

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    .... or at least be sure to read this thread before you do.

    Screw it. They're not a sponsor of our site, and at least 2 of our active members have had bad experiences with the company.

    I'll let them fill in the details, but here are the outlines:

    -DrWebster purchased an ExPower HID kit from them under the premise that they were advertised as a higher quality kit made from Japanese parts. What he received was a generically packaged kit that appeared to be thrown together from a bin of parts. The labels on the ballasts were printed from a laser printer and the bulbs had no identification as to the wattage or color temp. Attempts to get the company to back up their advertised claims were met with some explanation as to multiple companies using the same ballast housing, etc, but no real attempts to answer questions.

    -MrMatt purchased a G2 caliper paint kit, and again received a reboxed product that was missing instructions and accessories that were advertised to be included. Further, the labels had been stripped from the paint and cleaner bottles (with the explanation that the shipper would not ship labeled hazardous chemicals), and one of the bottles had almost completely leaked and/or dried up.

    - As a peripheral word of caution for those who may wish to avoid this company, I purchased a DDM HID kit from XenonExpert at the same time as DrWebster purchased his kit, and the shipping label on my kit indicated the product was shipped from dabears2k. The kit was, however, a DDM kit.

    Please feel free to correct and/or update my summaries here, or provide additional relevant information regarding this company.
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    thanks for the heads up.
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    i ordered a ddm kit from xenonxpert too a couple months back and noticed no problems. didnt really take a close look at the papers but im pretty sure it was all legit. was packed professionally. labeling seemed legit. and they work great. but ill keep an eye out for this guy in the future.
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