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Video of the Week!


110 HP of FURY!
I am asking for 1-3 members (non admins or mods) who want to contribute items to the site on a regular basis. Basically, you see we have this really S U P E R video on the main page right now (www.mnmazda.com scroll to the bottom).

I want to do a mazda related video of the week. Either MN Mazda related or general mazda related. It don't have to be 100% mazda, but there needs to be something mazda about it. A short write up would be super as well, but not needed. Ideally I'd have 2-3 video at a time to pick from, thus a steady supply on down the line. Let me know in here is you are interested and the site staff as a whole will pick 1-3 to work with if we have a bunch of people interested.