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Undercoat protection, something anyone does?


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I own an MS3 that I hope to baby into a long life free of rust. My dad used to get his cars 'Ziebarted' (sp?) and I believe that put on a good undercoat protection, but he said that places started to indicate that new cars out of factory, based on the metals used, had better protection anyway. His cars RARELY rusted, and I am wondering.... should I be getting undercoat protection?


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We did rustproofing at the shop I used to work at also. Thats one messy job. But I know some places offer like a warranty for X amount of years. So it it ever does rust, they cover it. You should look into that.

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I had the full Auto Armor package installed by P&L in Edina. Last weekend at my Contour convention people were surprised when I told them my car is a 6-year-old daily driver with 88K on the clock (after a moderately full detail).

It's not cheap, but I do believe in having it done for any car you intend to keep for a very long time in this climate. Your dad is right that that factory rustproofing and metal treatments have improved greatly, but other rustproofing techniques like urethane coatings have been reduced to save cost.

Keep in mind the quality of the people doing the work is at least as important as the product itself, and that it is not a substitute for keeping the car clean and waxed yourself.
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This is just my opinion here, but anything a salesman pushes at you when finalizing the sale of a car is just a massive load of pure profit for the dealer.

To my knowledge, my car is completely un-molested by undercoatings (03 with 110k miles), and the only place the underbody is even slightly marred is where I jack it up on the chassis rails. What seems to be the real problem when it comes to rust is the pinch welds, and folded metal areas, etc, where moisture gets trapped.

My suggestion is to take that money and put it towards regular washes and proper detailing that will keep the entire car looking great.

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Funny thing about rust protection is it doesn't help with rust on the door panels. That is the place most cars rust first. The bottom lip of the door. I had it done to my MS6 but would never do it again cuz the shit was all over everything and with how much i wash and clean there is little to no reason for it.


Funny thing about rust protection is it doesn't help with rust on the door panels....The bottom lip of the door.
My car is already rusting there. The combination of thin paint, the MN climate and spots where moisture/dirt can get trapped is horrible for cars. Now I'm cleaning all the door sills/inside parts of the doors every week.
what you need is a painter that knows what hes doing he needs to clean the base if its metal witha good cleaner, sprays a good etecher has a good sealer i could go into detail from what i learned but dont feel like it