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Discussion in 'On Point' started by Picklz, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Picklz

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    Let us discuss the great (and not so great) scotches and whiskey's we have had the opportunity to sample! Try and be very clear and identify what it is you are recommending and/or reviewing, since there's so many different types of scotches, whiskey's, bourbons, etc.

    While Rum is normally my drink of choice still - I've recently started getting into scotch a little bit. Jay suggested this thread would be a good idea so hopefully we can pool our knowledge and make some good decisions. I also wouldn't be opposed to picking up a decanter and maybe splitting a bottle between 2-3 (or more) people if we find something we all want to try. Maybe split it up over some poker.

    Johnny Walker - Black - Blended Scotch
    My go-to, not super expensive mixing Scotch, i would consider it alright for sipping by itself but love it with some soda/coke. It's a touch smoother than red (which isn't 'bad') - I'd say it's better than some cheap single malts personally and is just a solid readily available choice.

    Johnny Walker - Gold & Green Label - Blended Scotch are excellent by themselves, as is Blue but I don't personally think Blue is worth the price premium. I actually prefer gold myself, it's a very smooth, no water needed just some ice or whiskey stones is how I prefer it. Sweet and smoke flavors are what I recall from this. Green is a bit more...fruity maybe...not sure how to describe it, goes a little better with just a little water IMO but could easily drink it straight.

    George Dickel No. 12 Whiskey - Tennesse Whisky
    This stuff I stumbled on by accident, and oh my damn is it smooth, now I don't mind some Jack Daniels, but this stuff is a LOT better IMO (JD and This are the only two legal Tennessee Whiskey's.) Very smooth - some maple type flavors, maybe a touch of honey too. Drank a solid sized glass of this with Ice and couldn't believe just how tasty it was.

    There's another scotch I had not long ago that I really liked but it's name is escaping me, I'll try and figure that out, I also had a list of 2-3 that I was considering trying, will find that and post up to see if anyone has had them or has opinions.

    Depending on just how serious you are / want to get about this - this website seems to have a LOT of information - I just read a couple little sections trying to verify some region information but it seems cover just about everything scotch related.
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  2. Interested to find out more about this liquor....have zero experience outside of jack/crown/Jim Bean
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    Another thing I forgot to mention - they sell (in some liquor stores, or online) various sample packs, some include 5-6 or more different small bottles from various regions of distilling in Scotland, and in 8, 10, or 12 year old (sometimes older), so I think I may start with trying to source a liquor store locally somewhere that has a pack something like this:
  4. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Blue Max in Burnsville. The owner is a TOTAL scotch whore, his personal collection is on display there, and it's frightening. He can get you hooked up.
  5. Picklz

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    I think I will check some stores NOT in Mexico first, lol. But good info either way.
  6. 007CobaltLS

    007CobaltLS Member

    Oh, I've got a small collection of this

    I'm not about to review anything as I don't drink enough and my palette can't distinguish enough difference (not yet anyway).

    However, I can give you the rundown of everything I own. Again, this is everything...including cheap crap.

    This is only the collection will probably grow. Oh and if anyone is ever interested, I will gladly bring anything to share at a future poker event or other get together.

    2 Gingers
    Crown Royal
    Gentleman Jack
    Jack Daniels Holiday Select 2011 (Single Barrel)
    Jack Daniels Green Label
    Makers Mark

    Dewar's 12-year

    Glenfidich 12-year
    Glenfidich 15-year
    Glenfidich 18-year

    This is the current inventory I have...can't remember all that I have had or have tasted. Way too many considering I worked for the liquor store for a year and have worked for a liquor distributor for the past 9 months.

    The list doesn't look complete, I'm going by memory of what I still have. Since I just moved back to my mom's, everything is boxed up at the moment and I probably won't have it organized for a while. Have other things I need to do first.
  7. 007CobaltLS

    007CobaltLS Member

    Check out what they offer at Merwin's...

    That's the store I used to work for...everything on their site is what they have or can get. If you want something but don't see it, you can email the owner directly and and chances are he can either get his hands on it or direct you to someone else who can. He has really great connections.

    Side note...there are so many that I want to try, it's not funny.
  8. JohnnyT

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    I'm just going to copy my post over to here.

    Templeton Rye - 80 proof / $40


    Best affordable whiskey I've ever had was at Xmas this year with my Dad. This was allegedly Al Capone's whiskey of choice, and I don't blame him. Another reviewer: "Templeton Rye’s nose is a balance of sweet and spicy flavors with aromas of caramelized banana, vanilla, cinnamon candy (red hots), bracing rye, and wintergreen. Oak is subtle and not overly pronounced. On the palate, a honey-sweet entry moves quickly to dry rye grain, chili flake, and black pepper. The sweet core of this whiskey keeps it from ever getting too fiery on the tongue. In fact it’s quite mellow (more than likely due to the low proof). I would love to see this maybe closer to 90-95 proof because I feel it might give it a bit more spark. Regardless, there’s a lot of great flavor here. The finish is crisp mint, honey, cinnamon spice, and dries up quickly."
  9. Slim

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  10. Picklz

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    I was about to subscribe, then I Read this "Unless you're in college, drinking Spiced Rum is unacceptable. " ... No longer interested :p

    JK - I will give it a more in-depth look-see later on tonight, thanks for the heads up.
  11. Picklz

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    For those that maybe don't check it out or don't get that far through the site - I found this place via Tim's blog

    Second to the last page shows all their single malt scotch's

    Looks like a pretty solid selection of scotch's and a chance to taste the Macallan 55...though it looks like $1500-2000 worth of other scotches you'd have to purchase first lol. Anyone interested in hanging out there some night?
  12. Slim

    Slim Guest

    Yeah, my friend isn't shy about sharing his opinion. That was one of his posts. Though I have to admit I haven't drank spiced rum since college...

    The St. Paul Grill is a great spot to go taste scotches and whisk(e)ys without having to buy a bottle. It is a bit high falutent, so you may want to wear at least a collared shirt. Sign up for the club and you'll get emails to keep you in the loop. The Happy Gnome (known for beer) also has a large whiskey list and holds occasional tastings for really reasonable prices. Sign up for their newsletter too to be kept in the loop. Both only email once a month or less, so they don't over do it.

    I'd be down for it for sure. Meritage in downtown St. Paul nearby is also great for well-crafted cocktails. Their Sazerac is phenomenal.
  13. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    I've been told the Happy Gnome is quite the spot- I'd probably go down there for a taste or two. Getting seriously interested in crafty beers, and wouldn't mind the opportunity.
  14. 007CobaltLS

    007CobaltLS Member

    Might get me banned...but oh well...spiced rum is NOT acceptable...I did it for a tiny bit and was over it...whiskey it is...either on the rocks or with Coke or Dr. Pepper.
  15. 007CobaltLS

    007CobaltLS Member

    I deliver some of the whiskey to the Happy Gnome along with a decent amount of wine. Have been there once...wasn't really impressed...not for a tasting though. That would be interesting maybe.
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    EDIT: Looks like Tom's post was moved - please disregard.
    You're in the wrong thread Tom, this is a thread about scotch/whisk(e)y.
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  17. Slim

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    Happy Gnome is a great spot for both beer and whiskey, you can appease both tastes...I'd go to the Gnome too.

    That's their whisk(e)y list. Keep scrolling, it goes on forever.
  18. Picklz

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    My post was in response to a post that Tom apparently already moved, reviewing a beer.
  19. Slim

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    He must be new to this whole online forum and internet thing...

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