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Springerizing - is it time yet?


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Bought my Mazda last fall and picked up some summer wheels this winter, but I don't want to put them on to soon.

When do you guys usually do your summer change over (detailing, wheels, etc)?


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I put my summer wheels and tires on already, that was fuck'n stupid. But then again it's worth it in a way to not have my winter tires go to shit quicker driving in warmer temps. So it's a trade off I guess.

We need a solid detail day here when it hits the 60s!


I've been holding off cause my winter tires are already junk. So I've got nothing to lose by waiting... But I'm thinking next weekend would probably be a good time to switch over to summer tires and get a good solid detail in.


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Yeah I think quite a few here are going to swap to summer trim next weekend, myself included if the weather cooperates.