Speedline Grill for "s" sedan mazda 3

Discussion in 'Mazda Parts for sale' started by mazdamn02, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. mazdamn02

    mazdamn02 Guest

    Painted strato blue, $100 firm. From the speedline store.


  2. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    This is a nice piece. I've seen it in person.
  3. Tauni

    Tauni I'm confused.

    Bro, do you still have this?

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    ^^^Best post of 2015!
  5. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater


    She forgot to ask if it fits a MSP.
  6. Tauni

    Tauni I'm confused.

    Um actually I was wondering if it would my FC.

    Also, I don't have an MSP.

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