Shoutbox Poll - Read Me and Vote!!!

Discussion in 'Site Archive' started by JustROLLIN, Jul 19, 2007.


Do You Want the Shoutbox to Return??

Poll closed Aug 8, 2007.
  1. Yes!!!

    8 vote(s)
  2. No Way!!!

    2 vote(s)
  1. MazdaMINI

    MazdaMINI Guest

    Tom does whatever Tom wants....thats just how it works
  2. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Yes it does.
  3. Nekko Noir

    Nekko Noir =^_^=

    How interesting would it be if some girls joined in on the fun? We'd probably get crunched up pretty bad with all the rough driving of the guys...or would you give us a break until we get used to how to maneuver? Hmmm...
  4. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Joining in what fun? We don't discriminate...
  5. Nekko Noir

    Nekko Noir =^_^=

    RC'ing, silly. And it wouldn't be very fun if you crunched the newbies right away. :(
  6. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Sure! The more, the merrier!
  7. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Absolutely. Always want more. Plus having a lot of the gear around already would help with the whole saving dough thing.

    Jay, this might be a good time to buy a Factory Team Associated like mine, and "gift" Nanami the one you have..... then you can swap parts.
  8. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Nah, if I'm going to plunk down for a whole new truck it'd have to have more to offer me than just some carbon parts... I can just swap those in as my plastic ones break. My next vehicle is either going to be a touring car a something 4WD and nitro.
  9. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Nitro is too difficult to maintain IMO. I read a bunch on it before deciding on electric. Plus with the brushless systems and lipo batteries, you can easily get a truck/buggy whatever to go as fast as a comparable nitro, with far less maitenance. Plus electricity is cheaper than a can of fuel.
  10. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    I come here to read about the history behind the return of the shout-box, and all I get is the urge to buy another R/C Car/Truck...what all are you guys running?
  11. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Check the official RC thread. It's full of official RC goodness.

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