Rear Sway Bar for a 2011 Mazda 3 GT?

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  1. million

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    As I had mentioned in my introduction, I'm new to Mazdas and new to the forums. It was recommended that look into adding a rear sway bar so I thought I'd look into it. I did search some online and I did an internal search on the forums to see if anyone had posted up options. I came across an adjustable rear sway bar made by CORK Sport but that is pretty much the only one I came up with. I would love some recommendations if anyone has some. :)

    Also, would it be wise to look at a new front sway bar as well?

  2. mndsm

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    Don't mess with the front swaybar. I did front and rear in my ms3, and while the rear was less than an hour to install, the front took 6 hours with two people. You have to drop the front subframe. I will never do that again. Check out Hotchkis- those are the bars that are in my ms3. Also- Whiteline, Cobb, and Tripoint. I almost want to say that the sways are the same from the 1g to 2g cars (I am NOT 100% on this so don't shoot me if they're not) and if that's the case, there's a TON of options out there.
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    Good to know! Thanks for the info. I'll do a little online searching for those brands.

    Maybe a stupid question but what advantages are there to adding the rear sway bar?
  4. Big Nate

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    Same advantage as adding the front. It will control body roll.

    Never a stupid question.
  5. million

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    What would the advantages be of having an adjustable rear sway bar instead of a fixed sway bar? Thanks.
  6. mndsm

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    ARB gives you the option of how much you want to firm up the body roll in the rear. Too much and you can run into oversteer situations. Too little, and it's a mushy bastige. I've got all the bars on full stiff on my car. After I get the CO's in, I imagine it will corner nearly as flat as my MINI.
  7. million

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    So it would be wise to go with something like this:
  8. metallemur

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    From what I remember reading in my research, pretty much all of the popular aftermarket RSB's will do a nice job of reducing body roll. I don't think you would go wrong with either of those choices.

    Here is a link some comparison info from another forum (minus Whiteline)

    I have the JBR RSB in my 2011 MS3. So far I've been pretty satisfied. My brother has Whiteline sway bars in his WRX and they're nice.
  9. Workdawg

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    Yes, but it's a bit more complicated when you are talking about actual driving dynamics.

    GENERALLY speaking, a Rear SB will reduce understeer and a Front SB will reduce oversteer.
    Rear is common on FWD cards, front is common on RWD cars for their obvious deficiencies in each.
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  12. mndsm

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    Glad we could help. You'll like it... makes the car TONS better at rotating when you want it to.

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