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Quote It!


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We now have a built in system for all your quoting needs. No more threads to keep it alive, we keep the love going with a quote it system that. So go ahead and try it out. Toss is your motivational quotes and the chat box glory. Even the loved Nate "isms"!

Post here if you have any questions.


AJ, can you make the quote section of the forum smaller, or move it to the bottom, below all the forum sections? As it is, it kind of dominates the forum view. It's a nice little feature, so I don't want to just minimize that section completely, but it's just too big as it is.


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Yeah, I was just going to start a petition to get the thing moved/changed, I think shrinking it down and putting it at the bottom, or on its own page linked from the main page would be better, now all I can see is the chatbox, and giant quotes, then sponsor stuff if I scroll down a ways, takes me 25 minutes of scrolling to get to anything usefull ;)

Edit: Okay I see you can minimize it, but still it's not a very good first impression IMO it should be improved.

Edit 2: At work none of those 'quotes' images are showing up, like the " on the front page or the submit to quotes button image when viewing threads. Not sure if its just getting blocked here or what.
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well, if you click the yellow arrow on the right side of the title bar for the section, you can minimize it so it practically disappears. Actually that works with a lot of features on the forum


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I don't like them at all. I would suggest moving them to the bottom, if having them at all.


Yeah, mine is all red Xs. Even at home. I say scrap the quote system all together, but keep the countdown system. The countdown is small and could be useful in a lot of different ways.


I do like the countdown thing. As the quote thing sits, even if it weren't all red X's, it's far too obtrusive in its current state.