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    We know that SkyActiv is the anti-mod powertrain for folks who are so tight on gas money, it's difficult to floss their butt cheeks. From the high compression ratio, to the high-pressure fuel injectors and 87 Octane tune, it's damn near impossible without redoing the whole engine from top to bottom.


    It's about high time I started to mod this little guy. Since any forced induction is out, I'll leave the purrty SkyActiv engine alone. Sort of. Mods should be starting here within the next couple weeks. Right now hunkering down and deciding what to buy.

    Running mods in order of purchase/installation (Draft #42,687):
    • CorkSport SRI
    • CorkSport CBE w/RP
    • Enkei EKM3 17 or 18" alloys with stickies
    • BC Racing North America BR Type Coils
    • BBK (undecided on what)
    • DOT4 Brake fluid swap
    • CorkSport Front Sway
    • CorkSport Rear Sway
    • CorkSport Mid-Chassis brace
    • OE LED taillights

    Thoughts on the list? Something to add? Remove? Change?
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