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Picklz 2002 C5 z06 - Das Zed


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
I'd be praying if they were stock springs, as it sit's I'm really not too worried about it. I might consider swapping them out at the end of next year for some dual springs, though, just for the piece of mind especially being this motor is going to see a decent amount of run-time at high RPM's.


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
Well the vette has been in hibernation for the winter for just over a month, and I'm already getting antsy for spring. The plan this coming season is 2-3 autocross events, and at least 2 HPDE weekends, hopefully 3 or 4. Thus I have started trying to come up with a list of things I 'need' to do, and items I'd like to do prior to track time next spring.

Here's a list of what I'm looking at picking up, if anyone has suggestions either for specifics (helmet, harnesses, etc) or for items to consider in addition to / instead of whats on my list I'm open to hearing it.

Quantum brake Cooling
One thing I can't figure out 100% for sure is if this will work fine with my factory z06 cooling ducts, I hope they will as I dont want to have to replace those if I can avoid it.
http://www.lapponline.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=89_90_98_102&products_id=225 kit:

Heat shield kit:

Carbotech brake pads:
XP10 Front / XP8 Rear. I am still on the fence of 12/10 or 10/8, leaning towards the 10/8 as it will be a little less agressive for rotor life, and a bit more street friendly for the drive to/from the track. The Carbotech pad's have gotten pretty dang good reviews, and they do not use rivets so I can use the last 1/4 or so of the pad for Auto-X instead of just pitching them when they are too low for road-course use.

SA2010 Helmet of some sort:
Probably full face, want something decent but not a bazillion dollars, hoping to come in around $200-300 on this. If anyone knows of a good place locally to look at them / try them on let me know.

GeForce Pro Series Harness
Probably just one for now, will add a second for possible passengers eventually i think. Already have a harness bar and sport seats.

DRM Oil Cooler
On the fence on this one, it's expensive, but from everything I've read I think I will all but need one, if not right away once I'm able to run a bit faster, so may just get it out of the way. Also undecided between the street/track and the track only setup, I'd have to fab a cover for the track only one to use on the street, but it'd be nice to have as much cooling capacity as possible on the track.

Few other various items - Cheap napa or rockauto rotors, speedbleeders for the brakes, Motul brake fluid, etc. I think with that I should be pretty much track-ready come spring! Depending on finances as spring nears I may also do an oil catch can and tensioner / belt.


I have yet to find a place locally that has SA helmets in stock. That being said, Bob's has a pile of M helmets, and i'd guess the fitment from brand to brand would be close... HJC to HJC and the like.


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
Well, with the wedding looming I'm not planning much on the car this year, hard to say about next year. I'll need new tires by then so that'll likely eat up most of any mod budget I may have.

I did get the front lip repaired and re-painted - huge thanks to Andy, you did an awesome job man!

I also finally got around to pulling the wheels off and coating them with Black Plasti-Dip, results are a great improvement IMO - have a few under-hood cleanup things planned for later this spring / summer but nothing major. Will get some MOAR pictures up once I finish getting the car Detailed.