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Discussion in 'On Point' started by dmention7, Jul 30, 2013.

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    If you know of any good european or asian sites for car parts, please post them up here. Now that Suzuki has pulled out of the US, it's getting a bit difficult to locate some things, but parts should be plentiful overseas. My google-fu seems to fail at locating such retailers, however.

    List Below:
    Great Euro car site
    Audi VW site
    Non OE stuff
    Yahoo japan auctions
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    Non OE stuff-
  4. concealer404

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    Yahoo Japan Auctions.
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  6. dmention7

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    Good links guys, keep it up.

    (Obviously looking for any solid non-US sites here. My particular predicament was just what gave me the idea to start the thread)

    Has anyone ever come across and good foreign dealer parts department websites? Seems like for most makes here in the US, there are a few dealers who run an online discount OEM parts catalog, but I've never really come across an equivalent for european or asian dealers.

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