Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by chandler, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. chandler

    chandler New Member

    Glad to found this forum. Looking for some info before we decide to get this 2007 Mazda 3. She seem in great condition but will see about that. Gonna read around for some knowledge.
  2. Sikocivic

    Sikocivic New Member

    Seems really slow around here.
  3. chandler

    chandler New Member

    Yeah I just noticed, might dig into discussions for any information.
  4. asjhu7889

    asjhu7889 New Member

    Hey man, welcome and all the best for your purchasing.

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    Welcome. What kind of information are you looking for before you purchase?
  6. derrian

    derrian Pika-Zoom! Staff Member

    Welcome! Love the Mazda 3 for sure. Hope you are enjoying it!

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