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    Unless that design had a contract with it. They can probably get away with using it :)

    That was one thing I was always told at college, get a contract or you will get screwed :p
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    I'm not trying to start an argument about it, it was just something that popped into my head.
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    Most of the companies we had out kept their designs, and gave us the option to buy there design for a fee. Granted that was the full CAD drawing, this was actually a simple sketch that we used as a base. It changed a bit due to City requirements and faults in the design the actual builder found. It came in handy to get a basic materials lists from HD, but the end projoect was about $500 off from the final project in material needs alone.

    Bottom line, we got this completed for right about $5k from Permit to completion. We could of saved $500-$700 if we would of done the digging ourselves, but that ended up being a lot of digging in time i just didn't have, and with Hand that just wouldn't have been able to take it.

    I think it's a valid question Dan, but not something I'm worried about.

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    Holy friggin' crap! :crap:

    I figured one could get a deck built for a couple grand, although you've got a lot of deck there and you didn't have to lift a finger, so I guess it isn't terrible. I'm starting to think if I could get one done for under $2K it might not be too bad, but I want composite decking, so I'm sure that will drive the cost up a bit. We're the permits a PITA? Did the inspector verify all of the proper flashing was in place to keep water out in addition to verifying all of the proper support structure was in place?
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    Keep in mind, a deck this size was quoted by other companies ranging between 7k and 12k. We saved a lot going through the process ourselves as far as getting the material and then finding someone to do the labor for a reduced cost versus what was quoted by others.

    Permit wasn't that much of a pain but it may take time and they require some additional drawings and markings, which I think can also be done at HD or Menards. They are only checking the Deck aspect, though our grading isn't much to worry about.

    If you can do the labor yourself, deal with the permits, and go through all the materials yourself you can get something comparable to our size wise for a range of 1700-2500 based on lumber selection, options for skirting, railings, and nails vs screws. Plus it depends on how many holes need to be dug and filled with cement. Composite would be more as well. If you plan to be in your house long term spend the $ on composite, if under 7 years, just do green treated and only need to deal with staining 1 or 2 times before moving.

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