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Discussion in 'Around the House' started by micahlarson, Apr 5, 2011.

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  2. micahlarson

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    If I did get a charcoal grill what would be a god one to get? I know that charcoal is always less money, but I really want something easy to clean though.
  3. mOjO

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    The Big Green Egg..... spendy as all get-out but OMG awesome.

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    lol...Mojo totally threw out my recommendation first! The Big Green Egg is the bomb-diggity and they come in different sizes so the craziness of the price varies. The great thing about them is they use "lump charcoal" rather than traditional charcoal, so you don't have to wait around for the charcoal to get all gray before you can start cooking. You just light it up and after a few minutes you're ready to roll. The downside (aside from cost) is that it's a slower-cooking grill. The egg shape circulates the heat, so it's more of an indirect cooking than a right-over-the-flame/coals type of grilling most of us are used to with a traditional grill. I've heard there are Green Egg cooking clubs out there too, where people get together and spend the day cooking a variety of foods, so they learn to use their grill to cook different foods one wouldn't normally think to grill.
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    almost any propane grill is gonna go bad in a short period of time. Look for cast burners is the biggest thing. Dont let the grill burn after grilling, the grease actually protects it from the elements. Or u can do like i did, took an old propane grill and started burning charcoal in it, cook great actually! Love the speed of gas but cant beat charcoal on flavor!
  6. Picklz

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    You might want to define short period of time. If you keep them covered they can last quite a long while. I bought a cheap $100 propane grill when I moved into my place 3 years ago, have not been real good about keeping it covered because I honestly only planned on using it a year or two to get me by then buying a nice propane grill, but the thing is still going strong. My parents have had theirs for like 6-7 years now and it's still fine, no problems with it. If you buy a quality grill and keep it covered it will last a long time.

    Agree Charcoal offers great taste, I just don't have the time to deal with it most of the time so I'm fine with gas personally.
  7. dmention7

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    +1 to all that jazz.

    Maybe you could define your needs a little more? Going to be cooking for 1 or 2 most of the time, or do you plan on cooking for larger groups a lot? Will it be used mostly for cooking burgers and brats, or do you plan on doing lots of steaks, chicken, or other things where temp is a bit more critical? Any need for side burners if you go propane?
  8. Big Nate

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    My grill is over 5 years old. Never covered and still runs good. I have had to replace the grates but that is normal for a cheap grill.

    There is a place called Little Big Horn just off of Northdale Blvd and hwy 10 in Coon Rapids that sells replacement parts and anything propane related.
  9. Slim

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    Weber or go home.

    Seriously though, it will be the only grill you buy and they cook better than the entry-level crap. No hot spots, even cleaning across the grill. Finer tuning of the flame, etc.

    I got one a year ago and love it. My dad has had his for like 15 years and still works great. Only ever had to replace the ingnitor, which is an easy fix.

    But you'd have to spend $300 instead of the $100-$150 for entry-level stuff. Depends on your situation. I always figure spend more and buy it once myself.
  10. micahlarson

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    Mainly it will be used for myself and amy, but when her family or my family comes over it willbe for 6-12 people that I'll be cooking for.

    The main things that I cook on the grill are salt water oysters, shrimp, steak, chicken, and brats.

    If I stick with gas there really is no need for a side burner

    I personally have time to wait for charcoal to light and get ready and love the stuff, but I think it's the clea up and cost that is pulling me away.

    BTW What the heck is an egg grill?!
  11. YSOSLO

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  12. dmention7

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  13. mOjO

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    The big green egg burns so efficiently that most people won't go though much more than ONE bag of charcoal per SEASON. so...keep that in mind too.
  14. micahlarson

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    where can I actually go look at one and pick it up though? I was reading about it last night and really thought it was a great idea
  15. micahlarson

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    otherwise I thinkI'm going to go pick up a weber performer grill from home depot sometime today or tomorrow, but at the very least I"m going to go look at the weber grill today after work.
  16. ZoomZoom Diva

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    I actually shopped both grills for Marcy, and she ended up choosing the MasterForge grill. Not only is the lower price appealing, but the higher BTU output and overall nicer construction made the difference. She and I put the grill together and everything fits together easily and securely. The side shelves fold AND easily remove, which is a big plus too.

    She wanted a compact grill that could still cook, the MasterForge combined the best set of design and value, and the reviews are excellent for the MasterForge.

    With Weber, you pay a big premium for the brand name. I saw no advantage for the Weber Spirit over the MasterForge, and they design the controls in a terrible way where you lose the use of a side shelf. If you're looking for a premium priced gas grill, I would highly recommend Vermont Castings. Mine is 7 years old and works like new.

    If you want to deal with Charcoal and wish to deal with the weight and cost of a Big Green Egg, more power to you... also if your location allows a charcoal grill where you want to put it.
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    well what would be the master of charcoal grills then?
  18. micahlarson

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  19. dmention7

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    That would be the Big Green Egg grills that everyone's talking about... lol
  20. ZoomZoom Diva

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    I don't see any advantage for the high price of that Weber Performer grill, and I know many people who dislike kettle charcoal grills in general. If you like the kettle grills, I'd save money and get a regular one.
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