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N/a and Turbo Parts Mostly stock some aftermarket


I have several parts for sale mostly stock some aftermarket.

S4 N/a inlet duct $10 + shipping

S4 N/a AFM $25 + shipping

S4 OMP pump $25 + shipped

Charcoal Canister 15 + shipping

Cold start and resevoir $10 + shipping

Fuel tank gasket $5 + shipping

s4 N/a Throttle cable $10 + shipping

S4 Turbo needs a rebuild $25 + shipping

Racing Beat Resonator $70 Shipped

Air Pump $25 + shipping

Power steering pump $30 + shipping

s4 N/a LIM $20 + shipping

s4 n/a UIM $20 + shipping

s4 n/a Throttle body $20 + shipping

N326 ECU $40 shipped

s4 N/a manifold $20 + shipping

Rats nest $5 + shipping

N/a Fuel Pump $15.00 + shipping

S4 N/a MAP sensor $15.00 + shipping

I am willing to take offers or combine things for reduced prices :D