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Discussion in 'Morrie's Mazda' started by DTruongMazda, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. DTruongMazda

    DTruongMazda New Member

    I dont know if any of you have been to our wholesale price website, but it's an excellent place for winter beaters.

    Let me know if anyone is interested!
  2. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

    I'm confused, are these at Morries or at Tom's place?
  3. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

    on a serious note, the '98 dodge ram is appealing for a winter rig as well.... hummm
  4. 007CobaltLS

    007CobaltLS Member

    I know these aren't private party prices, but some of these seem a bit high for what they are...would be afraid to see what regular inventory price would be on them...

    And I agree with AJ...that truck does seem like a good deal.
  5. DTruongMazda

    DTruongMazda New Member

    Here's how the PB4W vehicles work at Morries, we typically keep these cars anywhere from 14-21 days at our lots, then we ship them off to the Auction. Most dealers would buy them and 'fix/add' whatever they want and then re-sell them at their lots.

    If a car is traded in to us and is not operational, it wont be at our lot, but will still be on our website... Consider it a mechanic's special :)
  6. escort1991

    escort1991 New Member

    In the end, it is a win win for Morries and many of the other car dealerships that do this exact thing. They keep it for a few weeks, if it sells, ok; if it doesn't, they auction it off and most likely break even. It's moving inventory.

    The other factor is, it cleans up the lot. Having broken down cars/older cars/bargain basement cars on the lot makes the dealership look not as reputable. Also, if something does go wrong with a bargain basement car, it could damage the reputation of said dealer. Also, these cars are cheap for a reason, low profit and low commission. The dealership washes their hands of the car and moves on.

    Quite a few of the larger dealerships operate like this.
  7. DTruongMazda

    DTruongMazda New Member

    It's a great way to revitalize the used-car market too. Cash for Clunkers created a huge void in the used car market. Even if the car was worth $500, the dealership was forced to fork out $4500 for the clunker, and destroy the car; IF the car was worth $4400, that car was still to be seized and destroyed.

    I'm finding a lot of mechanics are loving some of the pb4w's we have. For instance, this one customer of mine had a 04 Cherokee with a blown engine, but all electricals worked.. so they bought our old 94 cherokee for $600 with a solid engine, but bad electricals... swapped out the necessary parts, and he had a car that ran for dirt cheap, because he did all the labor himself.
  8. Tauni

    Tauni I'm confused.

    My P5 Was technically a pb4w car, however thanks to Jesse I was lucky enough to snag it before it even went on the lot. You take a risk but I can vouch that it is a good way to go for a winter car or cheap DD!
  9. so is every thing on the lot at morries?
  10. DTruongMazda

    DTruongMazda New Member

    We have 10 stores, so everything is on our lots.
  11. 007CobaltLS

    007CobaltLS Member

    When you click on the car you're interested in, it tells you which lot it's at.

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