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Monitor for gaming


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So far our 5 year anniversary! My wife said we need upgrade our PC if I want or get a laptop, don't really want a laptop and my system runs great at this time so I thought I would get a new monitor, something with better colors and so on. I use my computer just for gaming. Not interested in 3d gaming so I don't need a 3d monitor.
Any thoughts?


Staff member
Both the Acer and BenQ have been on several nice lists for gaming monitors. Something with 144hz range would be nice. But of course some of what you get, depends on your video card.

My husband has been looking at this pretty hard at this one. Asus ROG PG348Q. He runs 3 montiors now, but is thinking about going down to 1 if he bought this monitor.

Of course Asus has a bit better track record compared to Acer ;)


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