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MNMazda.com Fall Dyno Day!!! Sat Sept 22nd


110 HP of FURY!
Where: MAP
Who: You and others.
How Much: $60 for 3 pulls.

10:00 am start time, approx 20-25 Minutes for each car. PLEASE BE THERE EARLY. We want to make sure that even with time slots in play, we are not waiting around for cars. Besides, watching other cars is part of the fun!!

Cars will have a few minutes between pulls (READ 1-3 minutes) to make slight adjustments as needed. That said, this is not a tuning session, keep is short and simple.

More details to follow but to be in please give me your name and car info.

UPDATE 8/16 - You will be asked to pay MAP at the event and you will need to be paid and have your waiver signed BEFORE your car gets on the dyno. In fact, we expect this is the first thing you do when you get there. This will help keep things flowing. Thanks!!!

List with time slots - Each Car takes 20-25 min, below are 25 min times slots:

1. 10:00 - Picklz - 02 Corvette z06
2. 10:25 - Teddy
3. 10:50 - Adam - Miata
4. 11:15 - SOMC6/Nick - EVO VIII
5. 11:40 - dasmikechen w/ EVO X
6. 12:05 - Dick - TT Viper
7. 12:30 - JT - Vette
8. 12:55 - Matt8478 - MS3
9. 01:20 - gerglumuff - 944 Turbo
10. 01:45 -Ricky w/ caprice
11. 02:10 - Hayden - MS6
12. 02:35 - Kunz111 - '87 RX7
13. 03:00 - Tony Tesch - '06 Mazdaspeed6
14. 03:25 - Dan w/ Vette
15. 03:50 - Phil - Silverado
16. 04:15 - Larry - '97 Miata

1 fillers cars - Allan/AJ with Miata

1. Allan - '02 Miata Filler CAR
2. Hayden - MS6 - Time Set
3. 4. Adam - Miata - Time Set
5. Matt8478 - MS3 Time Set
6. Teddy - Time Set
7. JT - Vette Time Set
8. Dick - TT Viper Time Set
9. Picklz -02 Corvette z06 - Time Set
10. Phil - Silverado - Time Set
11. gerglumuff - 944 Turbo Time Set
12. Tony Tesch - '06 Mazdaspeed6 Time Set
13. SOMC6/Nick - EVO VIII Time Set
14. Ricky w/ caprice Time Set
15. Kunz111 - '87 RX7 Time Set
16. Larry '97 Miata Time Set
17. dasmikechen w/ EVO XTime Set
18. Dan with Vette Time Set
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110 HP of FURY!
Count me in for at least 1 car. If I can I'd like to run the ms6 and the miata.
Worst case we could get one to my place a day or two before, and then have a closer drive to get them both over. I'll put you down for both for now. Can we do a pre pay for at least the MS6?


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Do you have a minimum number of cars required to get that price? And is there a number where we would get a further discount? Just curious about the pre-pay. I'll check my work schedule and with Kelsey tonight and let ya know if I'm free that day or not hopefully by tomorrow.


110 HP of FURY!
Nope, $60 a car, 5 or 50. And let's be real, we'll be on our game if we get 10, lol.


110 HP of FURY!
It used to be $50 many years ago as well, inflation added to small tournouts end up with this. $60's not a bad price, let's get that ride up there! :)
Oh I agree, $60 isn't bad...it's the same price I paid 5 years ago to get my car on the dyno through MNSC at the other place that went out of business. I just need to make sure my bills are covered first (for the next 2 weeks or so it's very tight).

And I'm afraid I'll be disappointed in my car...with the work I've done, I can't expect too much since I'm auto and NA, but I would be really disappointed if I'm under 140...hopefully a little higher, but who knows. If I find the money, I will do this.
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110 HP of FURY!
Neat the intersection of 394 and 169. They are off Plymouth Road just north of that point.


110 HP of FURY!
Update - no cap on the amount of cars we can bring in and yes, cars will have the option of 1-3 minutes to make the very easy/quick adjustments after the pulls. Nothing that takes much longer as these are not tuning sessions, but you will be able to make small adjustments as desired.

Tell your friends, Lets see if we can't get 15+ cars out that day!!!!

JT, Picklz, where you at? We have the miatas to try and add up to your HP numbers! ;)


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Is it alright if I bring the money to haydens bbq. If not thats fine. And I might be able to get my brother to go, he has a black ms3. Only draw back to that is I would have to pay for him cuase his wife is a ......... lol


110 HP of FURY!
Ill for sure do two cars. Ill pay soon.

The Cobalt of course...only running car i have right now.
Sounds good!

Alright alright, PM me your paypal info and I'll get shit going.
ajd1978@gmail.com (you should get that guy with the Viper to show up!)

Is it alright if I bring the money to haydens bbq. If not thats fine. And I might be able to get my brother to go, he has a black ms3. Only draw back to that is I would have to pay for him cuase his wife is a ......... lol
That would work. Let me know if your brother is in when you confirm.