MN Mazda Forums Dead?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by million, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. k.trazy

    k.trazy New Member

    Oh, boy. Haven't been on here in a long while. Still have my Mazda here! Just got back a week ago from Rally North America's Ohio Valley 700 road rally. It was an absolute blast, the Blackberry handled those mountainous West Virginia roads like a peach. I'm down to make a community effort to bring this place back to life. I used to frequent here. Then it just kinda died. Like quick.
  2. matt8478

    matt8478 New Member

    Yeah, I come on and look at stuff every once in awhile. I am open for any meets if we all want to do anything
  3. Tauni

    Tauni I'm confused.

  4. JP5

    JP5 New Member

    A centrally located physical meeting spot for hangouts could do a great deal to revive the forums/club, a weekly or biweekly recurring meet that you could count on people being at - no planning and negotiation required - that could work...
  5. k.trazy

    k.trazy New Member

    Well shit lets start something soon!
  6. ohsixspeedsix

    ohsixspeedsix Owl Exterminator!!

    The problem has always been location/timing. Everyone is located all over the place. So a central location, especially at a time where everyone can make it, is tough. And then we end up with 2 maybe 3 people showing up, at which point it isn't even worth the trip for most people.
  7. k.trazy

    k.trazy New Member

    I'm typically free Fridays and Sundays. Those are my days off at my new job back at Luther.
  8. matt8478

    matt8478 New Member

    I am free most weekends
  9. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Yeah, porkys shutting down was kind of the beginning of the end around here. Pretty much as central as you can get, and even if only a few mnmazda folks showed up, there was still usually some solid people/car watching to be had!

    That's the part we'd really have to replicate to get things going. Monthly meets (for now), someplace where people would still want to hang around, even if only a few people showed up.
  10. k.trazy

    k.trazy New Member

    Yeah. At least there would be some people showing up. Let it grow from there.
  11. million

    million Member

    I'm game for a meetup, if it all works out. I'll try to think of some optional locations. If anyone has ideas, post them up.
  12. k.trazy

    k.trazy New Member

    Million, your post ain't showing for some reason.

    EDIT: There we go. As soon as I posted this, it forced the forum to show me the 4th page lol. Carry on.
  13. 69sofine

    69sofine New Member

    I forgot to come back haha.
    I am down for meets when it gets warmer.
    First things first maybe try to come back here more often..

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