MN Mazda Forums Dead?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by million, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. million

    million Member

    I realize that the site hasn't had a huge following in the past but it seems like the only new posts I see anymore are automatic admin posts from external sources.
    Are the MN Mazda Forums dead?

    It's a little sad, since there seem to be plenty of Mazdas in MN.. and there is a decent amount of good information in these forums.
  2. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    The site had very little management / promotion / whatever for the last couple years, and was sold to a new owner that has as of yet not done anything with the site, so other than 8-10 people that are in the chatbox from time to time and post once in a great while yeah it's fairly dead. I agree, it's most unfortunate.

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    This forum started drying up shortly after Porky's closed. Sad to see it happen, but I'm as guilty as the next person of being too busy to attend events on a regular basis. Event after event gets planned and then hardly anyone shows up or people commit and then back out...makes it tough to continue to develop more of a following. Heck, how many of the original 30 people or so (including admins) that used to attend events fairly regularly even own a Mazda anymore? Very few.
  4. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Yeah, I think would take a pretty solid infusion of new blood all at once to get this place going again. I agree it'd be great to see the site pick back up and start holding events and meets, but unfortunately we've dropped below the critical mass/enthusiasm factor to organize those things--and more unfortunately it doesn't seem very likely to turn around.
  5. ohsixspeedsix

    ohsixspeedsix Owl Exterminator!!

    Yeah it seems the main factor is just that everyone is getting much busier. People are growing up and have much more demanding jobs, families, and other obligations that limit the amount of time spend on here or at events. Also probably doesn't help that only a handfull of us even own a mazda anymore. It grew more into just a general group of buddies who like cars rather that mazda specific. Things like mngarage geeks kind of took over for a while there on the whole meets and events thing.

    I would love to plan more events, but as it's been said, it's become very difficult to get a decent enough group of people together that can commit to actually making it. The cruises used to have good turnout, the BBQ had and this year still had a decent turnout, and things like the allignment day and tint day still seem to attract a few people.

    I would love to see this place whipped back into shape. But if anyone else wants to see it become at least something like it once was, it's going to have to be a community effort.
  6. million

    million Member

    I hear ya on the 'everyone is getting busier' thing. Unfortunately, I can't put much time to helping revamp the group, because I am busy too. It is a bummer though that I caught the tail end of everything when I purchased my Mazda. Thank you to everyone that has helped answer my questions and give me some guidance. It has been extremely helpful!

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    There are definitely a number of people on here that check in at the very least on a daily basis, so feel free to ask questions at any time and you'll likely get an answer within a day or two. I'm honestly a little surprised we haven't heard a peep in this thread from Tom.
  8. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

    ahhh Pete, LOL! All the LOL!
  9. 69sofine

    69sofine New Member

    idk how many of you guys are active in the nator fb group but theres a lot more activity there than here and the nator part of msf for mn at least.
  10. Big Nate

    Big Nate Chaos Engineer

    Is it wrong that I don't have any idea what this means. Something about Facebook I think.

    Maybe a link would help.
  11. million

    million Member

    I didn't get it either.
  12. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    There was a guy or a group or something on MSF (Mazda Speed Forums, national board) back in the day called Nator (can't remember the details) sounds like they have a local facebook group or something that's active. I haven't been on MSF in years, but it was honestly a terrible place to try and get help or answers, or even hang out - Not sure if it's still the case or not but based on that I have zero interest in checking it out, YMMV.
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  13. Tauni

    Tauni I'm confused.

    :Banane55: :Banane56:
  14. matt8478

    matt8478 New Member

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  15. 69sofine

    69sofine New Member

    No not at all big nate.

    million the link matt posted should work.
    the requirement is to just at least be registered to mazdaspeedforum

    picklz yeah theres a lot more activity there probably due to the fact we're all lazy to check the forums.
    really good group of guys except just like here we lack the motivation to actually get some meats going. we just post up a lot more.

    i would also agree its actually a little intimidating to ask shit but theres so much information there so i lurk around and laugh at all the trolling and shit.
  16. mOjO

    mOjO Member

    Someone say something about trolling? >.>
  17. Mazdatroll6

    Mazdatroll6 New Member

    Ain't no trolls here
  18. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    1/10 would mass-delete account again.
  19. mntony1

    mntony1 New Member

    I am not really active on either forums and mostly lurk in both. I am really not a fan of MSF and didn't even realize they had an MN Nator section. Might have to check it out, but the rest of the MSF forums were terrible as the people were very intimidating, unfriendly, etc...I like the few people I have met on the few meets/events that I have attended from here on MNMazda Forums. I wish the forums were more active and more meets/events but life gets in the way...
  20. Tauni

    Tauni I'm confused.


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