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MN Mazda.com Blog!



Tom's got some good reads there, I can't think of anything to write about yet, but I'm curious what others can come up with...

Good work!


110 HP of FURY!
Write it up man, I don't care if I have to make 100 pages.


Added to that, do you want to add your own opinon to the blog? Maybe you think Green is the color to go with for food choice? Write up yoru side on the same topic and I'll add it to the original.

Let's give people a reaosn to keep coming here.


110 HP of FURY!
I've finally found the right code to allow more interaction. The Blogs now leave the readers with the ability to post a comment.



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hmmm... i cant send it through pm, to big by 400 characters, but i dont want to change it, i think it is perfect with the corrections just done