Mazda Speed Protege Rust on Rotor Hubs

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    Issue: Rust On Brake Rotor Hubs.

    What: Rust develops on the rotor hub behind the center of the wheel.

    Why: The MSPs came over on boats & sat on the docks for weeks. Not good.

    How To Fix: Take to dealer & ask them to fix them. They will machine them down, refinish them, and repaint them for free. Keep in mind this is one time only and only before 12,000 miles.

    Applicable Models
    Model Starting S/N Ending S/N
    2001 PROTEGE 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ
    2002 PROTEGE 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ
    1999 MILLENIA 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ
    2000 MILLENIA 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ
    2001 MILLENIA 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ

    Symptoms and Conditions
    Rust can be seen on the brake rotor hub area when looking between the
    wheel spokes. The rust is most visible on vehicles equipped with 17" chrome

    Repair Procedure
    1. Remove rust from hub(s) by sanding.
    2. Clean/prep hub surface for primer.
    3. Mask off brake rotor area.
    4. Apply primer around entire hub area.
    5. Once primer dries, apply a heat type silver paint to the affected area to
    repair the vehicle.
    Note: Replace the hub(s) if the affected area cannot be repaired enough to
    satisfy the customer.

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