Mazda Speed Protege "Alarm goes of randomly/overly sensative"

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    Issue: Alarm Goes Off Randomly/Overly Sensitive.
    What: If you've ever had to run outside and turn your alarm off because of a passing truck or have had a neighbor compain about your car randomly going crazy, you've got the overly sensitive alarm issue.

    Why: The sensitivity of the alarm is set too high from the factory.

    How To Fix: Find perimeter alarm module and adjust it. It's a small black box above pedals under the dash. It'll have a red LED on it and when you tap it, the LED will light up. Find the white knob on the side and turn it until you get the desired sensitivity. Below you can kinda see the box I'm referring to.

    Applicable Models
    Model Starting S/N Ending S/N
    1999 PROTEGE 10000001 29999999
    2000 PROTEGE 10000001 29999999
    2001 PROTEGE 10000001 29999999
    2002 PROTEGE 10000001 29999999

    Symptoms and Conditions
    The alarm system's shock sensor may be set too sensitive and cause the
    alarm to activate very easily.

    Repair Procedure
    1. Locate the shock sensor that is tie wraped on the wiring harness just
    below the steering wheel.
    2. As you face the shock sensor, adjust the shock sensor's sensitivity
    knob by:
    - turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease the sensitivity
    - turn the knob clockwise to increase the sensitivity

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