Injector facts for mx6 GT/Probe GT 88-92

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    Keep in mind these are all based off the Denso plugs found on the 90-92 cars, so if you have an earlier one, you might want to swap plugs.

    There might not be much difference in peek flow cc but if you look at the Ohms they operate differently when swapped from year to year.

    example: the 88-89 injector flow a max of 324cc @ 12.6 Ohms, the 90+ flow a max of 326cc @ 13.7 Ohms.
    Question 1, how much gas do the 90+ injectors flow @ 12.6 Ohms?
    Question 2, Does the 88-89 ecu put out 13.7 Ohms to the injectors or is it's max 12.6 Ohms?
    Question 3, what happens to the 88-89 injectors if they are given 13.7 Ohms? Obviously there are no flow gains after 324cc and 12.6 ohms or witch hunter would have label them differently. do the overheat or fry?
    Question 4, how often do you unplug the wire harness from the injectors, for it to be worth the swap to save the extra minute removing the impractical 88-89 injectors takes?


    I run the 90+ injectors in my 89 but I have messed with every aspect of air flow and everything else, somehow during daily/normal driving the 90+ injectors go through more gas then the 88-89 that should deliver more gas at lower Ohms, cant tell you about top end because of added injectors, also the fuel rail is ported and I run 38lbs base pressure on a 255lph.

    Here is a list of injectors that should fit our rail and use the 90+ clip and are Saturated/high impedance like ours (not peak and hold/low impedance):
    87-88 Toyota MR2 4AGE NA 213cc – Beige Top #23250-16080
    89-91 B2220 Truck 224cc - Yellow Top? #23250-74040?
    99-00 Mazda Miata 240cc - Thin Red Body #195500-4430
    Toyota 4AGE 250cc – Green Top
    Toyota 4AGE 250cc – Violet Top
    94-97 Mazda Miata 254cc - Tan Top #195500-2180
    01-05 Mazda Miata NA & TURBO 265cc - Thin Lt. Prple #195500-4060
    Toyota 3SGE 295cc – Green Top
    89-92 Toyota Supra 7MGE NA 305cc – Light Green Top #23250-70080
    93-95 Toyota Supra 3.0L 312cc - Maroon Top #23250-46030
    Toyota 3SGE 315cc – Pink Top
    90-92 MX6/626/Probe Turbo 326cc - Gray Top #195500-2150
    89-91 B2600 Truck 326cc - Gray Top #195500-2150
    Mazda 323 GTX TURBO 360cc - Black Top #195500-2130
    Celica/MR2 3SGE NA 370cc - Green Top #23250-74160
    Mazda RX8 420cc - Yellow Body #195500-4450
    89-92 Toyota Supra 7MGE TURBO 430cc – Black Top
    89-92 Mazda RX-7 NA 440cc - Blue Top #195500-5740
    89-91 RX-7 NA 460cc - Red Top #195500-2010
    89-91 RX-7 TURBO 550cc - purple top #195500-2020

    I would try some 323GTX injectors and a synapse fuel pressure regulator if I where you and try to get the car drivable with that, if what synapse claims is true, you should be able set them up to flow as stock and have more gas available when/if more boost on a bigger turbo is achieved. Then you can just move down the list of injectors as more upgrades and boost require it or just go big and tune accordingly having more then 100cc of fuel potential per injector you will never use, like using a 255lph fuel pump in the offset chance the laws of physics change and manage 800hpr from the F2T.
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    Heh, what other info will you be requiring, Tom? I like the idea of culling all the useful info from that site and dumping it here before it goes belly-up. :D
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    I'll take what I can get if it's all condensed like that. Gotta find a home for it somewhere. I might end up creating subsections if it gets big enough.
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