In_Car_Nation hosting cruise in memory of Paul Walker

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    Here's the most up-to-date information we have shared with attendees as of right now:
    11am to 12:30pm:
    If you’re pre-registered, then you’re good to check in right away and get your wristband.
    If you’re not pre-registered, make sure you visit the registration table and register yourself as the driver of the event, and also to get a driver’s wristband. Just so we know who’s who.
    Don’t forget to also visit the donation/merchandise table. Here, you can make a donation and in return you’ll receive the memorial decal and ribbon. Be sure to attach these to your car so we have some uniformity throughout the group.
    The ribbon should be attached to the driver’s side mirror.
    The media has been notified to come here at noon, so you may or may not find yourself on TV if they do indeed arrive.

    We are cutting off registration to late arrivals. We’re on a strict timeframe here.

    12:40pm - 12:50pm:
    ICN will hold a driver’s briefing quickly going over safety precautions and answering any questions that may arise. We will answer questions to the best of our ability and give a short speech.

    1pm - 2:30pm:
    Yes! We’re on our way to make history as one of the largest, if not the largest Minnesota-based cruise ever!
    Be sure you understand the driving rules, otherwise use common sense or flag down a staff member before we disembark.
    At around 2:30pm we will arrive at the EAST RAMP of the Mall of America. Follow lead Staff cars.

    2:30pm - 3:30pm:
    This is going to be another general meet and greet, only this time we have more time.
    You can also use this time to go inside and do some shopping, get some food, etc…

    Mall of America has agreed to graciously donate to us two theater screens to show…
    The original “The Fast and the Furious”
    Tickets will be given out to those who’ve donated via PayPal described on the event page.
    We must stress that we will be LEAVING at 1pm!!
    We are now starting arrivals at the AutoPlex at 11am.
    There is now a "LAST CALL" for arrivals at 12:30pm. After "LAST CALL" unfortunately we cannot let you be part of the cruise itself since we now need to start looking at disembarking on the cruise.

    MAP of the general route:

    Thanks again everyone for the support in this. I'd like to think Paul Walker would be proud.

    Regarding the decals/ribbons: Memorial Cruise decals will be provided by the group. We ask that if you do take a decal to please donate. Please be advised that these decals are in limited supply.

    Status Updates:
    4:20pm December 2nd:
    We must STRESS that the departure time is going to be 1pm!! We will meet at noon at AutoMotorPlex and disembark at 1pm. Local news media has been informed that these are the meeting and leaving times.

    1:41pm December 3rd:
    After deliberation and by suggestion by one of our attendees it has come to our attention that with the rate this event is growing (at an alarmingly awesome rate) we are pushing back early arrivals to 11am. What this means is we will allow people part of the cruise to arrive starting at 11am. There will be a "LAST CALL" for arrivals at 12:30pm. After this point we cannot allow late-arrivals to attend since we are now starting the disembarking process. Thanks for your understanding.

    1:17pm December 4th:
    We have now added a new aspect of the pre-cruise process. There will now be pre-registration and check-ins. We've added the pre-registration and check-in process to streamline the amount of vehicles coming into the event. All vehicles and drivers will need to be registered anyways so emailing it before the event will move things along quicker.

    There will be a cut-off to emailed pre-registration at 8pm Central Standard Time, Saturday December 7th. If you missed this deadline, you can still register at the registration desk.

    Information needed for registration:
    - First name, Last name
    - Make, Model and Color of vehicle
    - Number plate and state of registry (ex. CA "3HNS213" ... or MN "417LOL")
    - Number of people riding along with you

    email your pre-registration information to: with the subject titled "YOUR-FIRST-NAME YOUR-LAST-NAME Registration"

    8:30am December 6th:
    We have traffic flow lined out upon arrival and departure of AutoMotorPlex. ALL traffic coming IN must be coming from the north from Highway 5/Arboretum onto Audubon. If you're arriving from the south, we will have to make you turn around and come from the north. During departure from AMP, there will be uniformed officers assisting at junctions and onramps to get onto 212.
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  2. Picklz

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    I really wish they would wait till spring to do this, a car cruise in December in MN is dumb. I was hoping the weather might hold out a little longer so i could attend this but salt+snow and sub-zero temps = probably not so much.
  3. k.trazy

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    Yeah, we've gotten some grief from attendants that doing this in the winter is dumb. However the overwhelming majority of attendants support the idea of doing this around the the of his passing. And each year thereafter. The cruise isn't just for exotics, tuners or high-performance muscle vehicles. I wanna say about half of the attendants are using their winter beaters. We just need to make sure that all vehicles participating in the cruise to be road-legal with proper tire type and tread, all working lights including headlight/turn signals/running lights/brake lights, current registration tabs and current insurance information.
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    how many of you guys from here are going? im planning on going but if its pretty bad out i wont be making it
  5. matt8478

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    I will be there.
  6. k.trazy

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    So far we have a tech from Morrie's Minnetonka Mazda there, me, and you two.. as far as I know. I'm part of staff so can't roll together unfortunately. I've actually elected to stay behind and clean up at AMP and setup at the MoA.
  7. TheCocaColaMan

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    I'll be there driving my buddies Sub as he takes pictures!
  8. Yeah Matt, I was hoping the same thing. Sadly the battery got disconnected the other day for the winter. Need to get some gas and stabalizer in it. Might have to tank it in.
  9. k.trazy

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    Looks as if the charity cruise was an amazing success! After all the hard word and near-sleepless nights I was unable to attend. But the photos cropping up on the event page is nothing short of amazing. To those who have participated, I thank you!!

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