How to: The gas mod! ie Put gas in your car

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    Hi everyone, here's my contribution to the mnmazda community!
    First of all, you must be 16 to dispense gas lawfully in the great state of Minnesota. And a disclaimer: In no way will I take responsibility if you start on fire during your fill up.

    Safety first: Don't smoke, talk on your cell phone, or play with fire while at the gas station.

    Step 1: Find money.
    Step 2: Find a gas station.
    Step 3: Find the fuel door on your car. It will probably be on the left or right side, and in some cases the rear.
    Step 4. Pull up to a gas pump leaving enough room for you to walk in between your car and the gas pump.
    Step 5: Turn of your car.
    Step 6: Get out of your car.
    Step 7: Go to gas pump and select method of payment.
    Step 8: Typically now you would select the "octane" of fuel you need. Open your gas door.
    Step 9: Remove nozzle from the pump and insert in car.
    Step 10: Engage lever to activate the fueling process.
    Step 11: Wait until it stops pumping gas or until gas starts to shoot everywhere.
    Step 12: Replace nozzle in pump. Close Gas door.
    Step 13: Enjoy your newly gassed JDM ride!

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    winar. Josh gets the audiolink, hands down.

  3. Slim

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    Hi, newbie here. I'm a little fuzzy on step 9. Should I roll down the window before I insert the nozzle into my car? Does it matter which window?

    Thanks. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Jesse MS3GT

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    I need help on filling my blinker fluid and changing my muffler bearings... Got a write up for that? :confused:
  5. mazdamn02

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    Yes. Let Darwin do his dirty work! :D
  6. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!


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