How to Remove the front radio bezel to install a different radio in an MSP

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    How to Remove the front radio bezel to install a different radio in an MSP and how to install a different radio (sorry for the lack of pictures in the middle section of the "how to").

    Tools you will need
    DSC00427.JPG DSC00409.JPG DSC00419.JPG

    This is your cars radio and center console. if your car does not look like this... STOP and look for a different how to, because you found the wrong one.

    before you even try to figure out how the center console comes apart there are a few things you need to do to actually get the center console area off. first things first. move the drivers side seat back as far as you can because you will need to look under the dash. once you have the seat back stick your head under the dash and look around till you find this

    once you find that ^ notice the cable covered in a black sheath, you will also notice that on the end of the cable is a small loop going around a plastic pole and that the cable is attached to a metal clip. you are going to want to disconnect the cable from everything. I found it easiest to remove the cable from the metal clip first.

    after that remove the loop from the plastic pole, if you push on the sides of the pole and then pull up on the loop it will come of easily

    now for the next step.... get out of the car. run around the car a few times
    then hit yourself for actually running around the car, but seriously, get into the passenger side of the car and move the seat all the way back just like you did on the drivers side because your going to completely remove the glove box. open the glove box up

    now you will notice the two sides of the glove box and how they run back into the dash board. push in on the right side panel of the glove box until you see a rubber stopper at the back end of the glove box. once you see the rubber stopper pull that side of the glove box towards you until it clears the dash
    DSC00396.JPG DSC00413.JPG

    now repeat for the other side

    once you have both side of the top of the glove box out push the glove box to the left and then lift it out and you will have the glove box completely out.
    [ DSC00397.JPG

    look to the bottom left of the opening you just made by removing the glove box and you will find another contraption just like on the other side of the car, just so you know the cables you are removing are part of your climate controls.

    now just like on the other side of the car you will be removing the cable from the heater plastic pole and metal clip, but on this side I found that it's easier to remove the metal cable from the pole first and then remove the cable from the metal clip.
    DSC00399.JPG DSC00400.JPG

    now that you have that all done get comfortable because you'll be pulling on something fairly hard.
    locate the vents on your center console and face them all the way down. put one hand in each of the vents and grasp as much as possible of the center piece as you can, once you do that pull towards yourself fairly hard. pull evenly and carefully you will here a popping and the piece will come free.
    View attachment 200

    now that the front section is partially free lean forward and look at the very top of the section directly behind and in the center of the vents. you will see a cable running to the hazards button. unplug it.
    DSC00401.JPG DSC00402.JPG DSC00403.JPG

    now that everything that is holding the center section in place has been removed you can gently remove it from the area, as you see the black cables start to come out of the console pay close attention to where they are coming out of because later you will have to put them back through the same holes.

    once the center piece is completely out of the way you will notice there are 2 screws take a standard phillips screw driver and remove them. it is easiest to remove them if you open up the pocket bellow the factory radio and take off the black plastic trim that is around the radio. you can take the trim off easily if you work from one corner of the trim and gently pull it off.
    DSC00405.JPG DSC00406.JPG DSC00407.JPG DSC00408.JPG DSC00409.JPG DSC00410.JPG

    once you have all of the screws out you will notice that the screws were holding in a small black metal bracket. remove the black metal bracket.

    now you may notice that the radio is slightly loose. if you are not able to remove the radio use a pair of radio 'keys' they will come with whatever radio you are trying to replace your oem one with or you can go to checkers etc. or a car audio store and purchase a radio remove tool kit that looks like this.
    if you do get a kit pick out a key that looks like this one

    to remove the oem radio with the keys place each key on either side of the radio between the metal "basket" the radio is in and between the other area of metal the radio is contained in. push the keys towards the sides of the radio and pull the radio towards yourself while keeping pressure on the keys. if you don't get it right you may need to do it a few times to get the radio to come all the way out. click the picture to see a little better where the keys go.

    once the radio is out unplug everything from the back of it. you will notice an ant. wire, 2 harnesses, and a set of rca's. you will notice that the two harnesses that come off of the deck plug unto another plug connected to the car. unplug the harness from the car. take the wiring harness that you bought

    and look at the wiring harness on metra and scosche harnesses the wiring for all the wires are labeled on the back of the bags and also on each wire.

    take the bag of wires that come in the box with your new radio

    and match them up to the wires that come out of the metra or scosche harness. you are going to want to strip both harness's to about 1/4" to a 1/2" you are going to want to twist both wires together to make a connection. when you twist the wires together try to make the wire look like one solid wire is the best way I can describe it do not connect the wires like this
    [ DSC00426.JPG

    once you have all the wires attached solder all the connections between the wires and then use electrical tape and wrap up each connection.

    then take the wires and tape them all together so clean everything up. make sure you have enough wire to plug the end of the harness into the factory plug's that you unplugged.

    the radio that you purchased came with a metal cage just like the one that's in your car.

    remove the metal cage from both the new radio and also from you car. Then put the new cage in the same place as the old cage and bend the tabs that are on the cage just like the ones were bent on the cage you took out.

    now pull all the old harnesses through the new cage that is now firmly in place.

    connect all the new harnesses together and plug the rca's, ant. wire, and the harness that comes out of the car to the harness that is wired to the new deck.

    once that is done push the radio into the cage until you hear a "click"

    the new radio will fit just like the old one.

    now put the metal bracket back into the same place and use the screw driver to put the 2 screws back in
    DSC00410.JPG DSC00411.JPG

    now put the center console back together the same way you took it apart. REMEMBER to hook up the metal cables again, otherwise your climate controls will not work properly.
    DSC00404.JPG DSC00389.JPG

    and enjoy your new radio :)

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