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How to Polish head lights and tail lights.

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
Now this will be a basic walkthrough on how to polish plastic lens. Headlights and taillights are the same process.

1. If you can the best thing to do is take the lens off the vehicle. But if they are a bitch to get off then just tape off the paint around them and clean up over spray ASAP.

2. Once it is off give it a good cleaning with some degreaser to remove all the road tar and bugs that are built up on it.

3. This is the stuff that I like to use Mothers plastic polish and the power ball pad. Just install the pad on your drill and that is your best friend.

4. Take some polish and spread it on the lens with a towel then take your drill and power ball and point it at the lens as if you where going to drill a hole in it. Start at a slow even speed so you don’t spray the polish all over yourself (don’t ask how I know that). Gradually pick up speed and move in a slow sweep across the lens let the polish do the work just use mild pressure for this. After your done set it aside and continue on to the next lens. Just let the polish sit and dry on the first lens. Once your all done you can go back with a clean towel and dry polish the lens to crystal clear. Here are some before and after shots

This is a good side by side shot.




You can see the haze is gone and the lens is much more clear.

5. Reinstall the lenses and your done.

Now this project is not something that you need to do often. I do it once a year.

Difficulty = 3-4 out of ten

Time = 1.5 hours with removal

Cost = Polish $6, power ball $22
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