How to: Paint Calipers w/ Decals

Discussion in 'Facts and How To's' started by Slim, May 3, 2008.


    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    I would imagine as long as you found a clear high heat paint, you might be alright. You do autocross though, so you probably generate a lot higher heat than those of us that are driving around "normally."
  2. Matt D.

    Matt D. Guest

    At this point I'm ready to just paint the calipers with G2 and forget about lettering.
  3. Big Nate

    Big Nate Chaos Engineer

    Brembo stock paint is ultra fail.

    I could help with a paint project. I want to do mine.
  4. Slim

    Slim Guest

  5. blueamcat

    blueamcat Jen

    Thank you for this write up! I wonder what the orange color would look like. I want mine done. I just don't have anything to get my car off the ground. :-/

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    There's a Group Buy for G2 going on at mazda3forums right now;all but it ends on the 31st, so time is short. blueamcat you can always get some help and jack/jack stands by asking for help a couple weeks in advance. Order the paint and then you can put it on anytime, although if you don't have a heated garage you'll probably want to do it before Winter. It only takes a few hours to do, but you'll need to plan on giving the paint time to cure. G2 recommends 24 hours and that's what I did, however lots of people have said they've waited less than that and it's worked out just fine for them. I definitely think it gives you car a more finished look, especially when you have rims that allow your brakes to be seen easily.
  7. blueamcat

    blueamcat Jen

    Cool, thanks! I do have a heated garage, so I guess time doesn't matter. :) I'm actually renting so its pretty neat.
  8. Slim

    Slim Guest

    I try to help. ;)

    As far as color, I'd suggest thinking about what color your rims will end up being and chose something to offset with that.

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    I actually almost went with orange for mine, but I was a little worried about it being a little too pastel or something in case the color was different in reality versus what was appearing on my laptop screen. I went with red myself and I'm really happy with it, although some on the forum think painting them red is trying to imitate Brembos or something. You mentioned considering blue and really with a white car you can go with just about anything. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks or says, because it's your car. If you pick a color that others don't love, who cares? You're the one that'll be driving it every day. Go with what you'd love to see every time you walk up to your car, because I guarantee you'll be checking them out more than you expect once you get them painted.

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