How to install aftermarket shifter bushings on the MSP

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    Tools needed:

    Jack and Jackstands or drive-on ramps.
    14mm open end wrench
    Nimble, but tough gloves to protect you hands (eg Mechanix)

    Step 1:

    First raise the front of the vehicle and support on jackstands. Likewise you can use drive on ramps. Be sure to put both the car in gear on engage the parking brake.


    Step 2:

    Locate the stock shifter bushing shown in Image1 above. It is mounted on the passenger's side of the transmission, between the transmission and the exhaust pipe. If you have recently driven the car, nearly all of the underside will be very hot. Wait at least 60 min to begin working on the vehicle. In all cases, gloves should be worn since the underside of the vehicle has many sharp edges which can easily cut the skin.


    Step 3:

    Once the vehicle has cooled down, slide under the car on your back (a creeper is a good addition, but not required) with a 14mm closed end wrench and remove the outer nut and large washer, as shown in Image 2.


    Step 4:

    Slide the end of the shift lever support off of the mounting stud, as shown in Image 3 above. It may be necessary to wiggle the support a bit to clear the exhaust or heat shield.


    Step 5:

    Using the mounting stud as a punch, push the stock rubber bushing out of its metal housing as shown in Image 4 above. Use both hands. Some spray lubricant may be nessary on older vehicles.


    Step 6:

    Once the stock rubber bushing is removed from its housing, push out the metal sleeve that passes through the center. This can be seen above in Image 5. This part will be used when installing the kartboy bushings.


    Step 7:

    Place one of the kartboy bushings onto the shaft with the stepped side out. Then slide shifter support housing over the first bushing, as shown in Image 6 above.


    Step 8:

    Slide the second kartboy bushing onto the stud and press into the shift lever support house as in Image 7 above.


    Step 9:

    Slide the center sleeve remove from the stock bushingand slide it into the center of the two kartboy bushings. It may be necessary to add a little grease to aid in its insertion. This is shown in image 8 above.


    Step 10:

    Finally, reinstall the stock large washer and nut and tighten to 20 lb-ft (about 33 N-m). The final assembly is shown in image 9 above.

    Step 11:

    Check out the motion of the shift lever in the car, and make sure nothing is loose or rattles. Lower the car from the jackstands or ramps. Take the vehicle for a test drive, and enjoy.

    Tech Write up taken from
    all pictures are from that site as well. I have personally done with mod with the kartboy shifter bushings and I love them. The bushings cost $35 w/o tax but you do get free shipping and a fun kartboy sticker.

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