hey guys! you might remeber me, i'm the TX to MN transplant. have a Q..

Discussion in 'On Point' started by Foreverzero89, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Foreverzero89

    Foreverzero89 New Member

    i'm now living in buffalo and i want to prep myself for spring/summer. when in texes we used to do some nice cruises on some curvy roads. know of any up here? do you guys do events like that? thanks. oh btw, my miata has done very nicly in the winter got some snow tires and since then she's been a champ up here!
  2. k.trazy

    k.trazy New Member

    Hmm.. I live in Rockford, right in your area. Nice windy roads out where we are, ehh.. not many. Usually just straight shot "block" roads. Straight, left or right. There is a stretch of CR-50 spanning from 55 in Rockford to CR-116 in Hamel that's nice and windy in some areas. Two stop signs in the way though. CR-50 and Town Hall Road (where the Greenfield Police Substation is) and CR-50 and CR-19 intersect. Past that heading East and that's where most of the fun begins until you hit the 30mph speed limit heading into Hamel by a church. Keep heading east on CR-50 and it'll eventually turn into CR-10/Bass Lake Road heading into Maple Grove.

    Speaking of events, me and my buddies run this new car group focusing on holding events in MN called InCarNation Events, LLC. We're holding a cruise to BIR later this year (free of charge) and "ICN First Annual Garage Opener Car Show" happening in May this year. Facebook link to ICN's page.
  3. ohsixspeedsix

    ohsixspeedsix Owl Exterminator!!

    In the past we have tried to do a spring cruise every year. We missed out last year because of the late winter. But this year I am definitely planning on throwing something together. We typically go out to wisconsin where the roads are pretty empty on a saturday morning and stop for luch and cruise back.
  4. Foreverzero89

    Foreverzero89 New Member

    sweeeet. been dieing to put my summers back on and hit some roads!
  5. 007CobaltLS

    007CobaltLS Member

    I'd be down for a cruise again this year now that I have a new functioning car. It was a blast a couple years ago.

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