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Hard to find facts about mazdas.


I figured it might not be a bad idea to have a thread that's simply full of hard to find/remember information. Format the info right and maybe we'll just get some hits from people trying to google up the info... so try to be specific and wordy about what info you are providing.

Could be anything you can think of, the two that I have to start off with are these:

Mazdaspeed Protege (MSP) Center cap screws are M4x10 0.7 Pitch socket cap screws. Here is a good place to get them: http://www.mcmaster.com/#socket-head-cap-screws/=bux1j3

Mazdaspeed3 (MS3) lug nuts use a 21mm socket.
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Not a bad idea.

Mazdaspeed Protege rear brake pads are often listed incorrectly. The correct part will be the same as the rear pads from a 1992-1995 RX-7


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Mazdaspeed 6 rear seats DO fold down. You just have to find the latches that are well hidden in the rear deck, accessed via the trunk.


you can unlock the mpg readings on the 2006-07 mazda3 (i, s, or speed3 sport)


On 3's and MS3's, attached to the positive terminal of the battery is a Y-bracket that sends power two two wires -- one goes to the starter and alternator, the other goes to the main fusebox. The wire that goes to the fusebox has an inline fusible link (the weird brown box thing attached to the ring terminal as it connects to the Y-bracket). If the fusible link is removed, the car will not start -- the ECU is designed to check for the proper resistance that the fusible link would provide, and if it's different (i.e. the fusible link is missing), it will keep the car from starting as a safety measure.

Also, the trick to reading the 3's crappy cable-type dipstick is to make sure it's REALLY clean before reinserting it into the dipstick tube, then quickly removing it. A microfiber towel is best for this.


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On the MazdaSPEED6's, if you disconnect the battery you'll find out the window switches on the drivers door panel won't work. To correct this, go to each individual door's window switch, hit the down button then hit the up button and HOLD it until you hear 2 clicks. The window switches on the driver's door panel should now function properly.


Unlock trip computer on Mazda 3

Sure, I can google and copy from another site.

- Mazda3 (2006-2007 it seems) with steering wheel audio controls (can be i, s, or Mazdaspeed)


- Before you start the engine, hold the CD and AM/FM buttons.
- Start the engine (keep holding the CD and AM/FM buttons).
- After a few seconds, you should see the display read "DIS ON" (driver information system)
- Stop the engine.
- Start the engine again.
- Touch the SET button (':00' button on 2008 including Mazdaspeed3) to see the trip computer.
- Touch the TIME button to see the time.

Your owner’s manual explains how to use the trip computer. With the ignition switch ON, press the SET button (manual says INFO button) to cycle through these 4 options.

- CONSUM CUR: Current fuel economy (calculated every 2 seconds)
- CONSUM AV: Average fuel economy (since battery was connected or resetting the trip computer, displayed every minute, to clear: hold SET for 1+ seconds until the display clears)
- REMNG: Distance you can travel on remaining fuel (must add more than 5.3 gallons to reset it)
- AV: Average vehicle speed (displayed every 10 seconds, to clear: hold SET for 1+ seconds until display clears)
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