Furnace "Tune-ups"... are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Around the House' started by dmention7, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. dmention7

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    I've always assumed they were just a way to get a tech/salesman into your house to try and tell you need a $2000 repair or else your furnace is going to die on the coldest day of the year.

    I change my filter religiously, have a CO detector near the furnace that I peek at regularly, and I'm capable of popping the cover off the furnace to check for any accumulated dirt/debris... is there anything else they do during these tune-up/inspections?
  2. Big Nate

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    I have done my own maintenance for the past two years now. nothing you can't do yourself with just a little time and very basic tools.

    Let me search around I made a checklist a while back but can't seem to find it right now.
  3. mazdamn02

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    A friend of mine sent over his commercial company's HVAC guy to fix my A/C in August. I asked him what he thought of the typical tune ups out there and he said they're a joke, nothing you can't do yourself. I had to clean the flame sensor on my furnace last year because it wouldn't stay lit, it's really no biggy.
  4. ZoomZoom Diva

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    I figure with the coupons they aren't all that expensive, and it's worth the cost for the convenience of not having to mess with things.
  5. Big Nate

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    I may agree with this.^^^^^^

    Jay if you are as good at messing with your furnace as you are at rebuilding a motor it would be advantageous for you to have someone else do it <.< >.>.
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