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FS: Misc Stuff - mostly car, but some other stuff


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I am trying to clean up all the extra stuff I have laying around the apartment and realized I have more things I don't use than I thought. Come buy it! Haggle! Ask to trade for beer!

- RSX Type-S Injen Short-Ram Intake. Comes with a filter for it that needs a cleaning, but works. $130
- Mazdaspeed Protege Stock Intercooler. $30
- Presumably no-name steering wheel. Small, good condition, and makes it feel like you're driving a go-kart. Used to use it on my old Mitsubishi Starions, but I'm out of that scene and into newer stuff with airbags and whatnot. $10
- Unknown brand narrow-band air/fuel gauge. I can't gaurentee it works, but I think I used it on a car years ago. Been in my garage since then. $10
- Blue-anodized ebay lug nuts. I used these with aftermarket wheels on my old RSX, but I don't own a car that I want to use blue lugs on. Minor peeling of the paint/anodizing but mostly limited to where it seats against the wheel. $20

- Soloman Substance 166 snowboard with standard bindings and size 12 boots. I bought it from an old coworker, used it twice, and haven't touched it since. I'd rather ski, if do anything. $120 for everything, otherwise will piece stuff out.
- Sony Bravia 26" LCD TV. Model KLV-S26A10. $75
- Unopened Sylvania DVC845E DVD/VHS Player. $20
- Size 13 Broomball shoes. Purchased them new last year for $85, used them twice, and decided I hate broomball. $65
- 4qt standard crock-pot. $10
- I've got some music equipment I'd be willing to sell, but don't have it in front of me to get details. I believe there's a 400w 8-channel powered-mixer, two 18" speakers, and some misc cables. I'd have to do some research on used-prices so let me know if this catches your eye.

I am flexible on most prices and may take beer for the cheap items. Let me know if you want pictures of anything, as I didn't want to take pictures of every single thing I listed, but can do it if there's interest.