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FS: 3 Guitars - 2 Amps - One burning desire to be a rock god!


110 HP of FURY!
Hohner w/ Tesla Pickup, don't know the model, comes with stand

Fender Starcaster - It's red - dirty girl red. Or as the Hohner, it's just dirty as well. Also comes with stand.

Acoustic - make the ladies panties dance. Guess what, stand, yup, comes with one.

Couple working amps:

Taking cash offers on individual items or the entire lot. Would prefer to sell as a whole lot and let someone live their dream of becoming the next Donne and Marie, a dream I have come to understand I no longer share with the world.


I'm interested actually, but I know nothing about guitars. PM me what you were thinking for price?


110 HP of FURY!
keeping the Acoustic as the wife wants me to give one more crack at being next in line for Eric Clapton's cover band.