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FS: 2000 Honda Civic EX, 153k miles, 5 spd. $3200/obo



FS: 2000 Honda Civic EX, 153k miles, 5 spd. $2900/obo

Time to expand the family so sadly I have to get rid of this and get something bigger.
YEAR: 2000
MAKE: Honda
MODEL: Civic EX 5 spd
MILES: 153541 (Increases daily)
Let me start off by being up front and letting you know this car does have a prior salvage title. It was hit last year, no frame damage was done and the body shop did fix the headlight bucket and put a new headlight in. Also the car does seem to use about 1/2-3/4 of a quart of oil between oil changes.
Car has some wheel well rust on the drivers side only, front and rear.
Pretty mild compared to what I've seen around in MN.

I bought this car thinking that I would have it forever, and I'm sad that I'm not because it has been so reliable and cheap to own.
The car does have GSR seats that are way more comfy compared to stock, stock seats were unbearable esp. after 30-40 mins.

Seafoam treatment at 146000 miles.
New NGK plugs and wires, distributor cap at 146081 miles.
Window tint 35% done by tint pros.
Avital alarm and remote start (Viper made off brand), professionally installed. (I don't get into that stuff at all!)
New radiator at 140000 miles. (Might still have a warranty, so keep my info and we can contact the seller if need be)

Parts I have:
Timing belt kit to include new water pump and belts.
Front upper control arms. (I was planning on replacing all susp. parts to make the car like new)
2-3 oil filters.

There might be a few more parts, I'm not 100% sure because I haven't touched the car. As you can tell I cared for the car a lot and really didn't think I would ever sell. I usually washed the car at least every other week.

PRICE: 2900/obo
Old pics:

Current pics (still dirty):

price again: 2900/obo.
Feel free to PM with questions, only looking for cash.
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Bump for those wanting some 35+MPG!! and low operating costs.