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Discussion in 'Facts and How To's' started by dmention7, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. dmention7

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    This may not be the best place for this thread.... but meh, we're small. We can afford to be less than efficient here. :p

    Anyways, the purpose for this thread is that I was hoping people could chime in with references such as books, websites, forums, etc. that would be good learning tools for those of us who want to get their hands dirty with upgrading/installing/tuning forced induction systems.

    I mean, personally, I have a degree in chemical engineering--I'm pretty comfortable with thermodynamics, chemical reactions, heat transfer, fluid flow, etc. But in a world full of acronyms, application-specific terms, tried and true solutions, and the like... well, an ounce of real-world experience is worth a pound of theoretical knowledge.

    I've been hearing for awhile that the book Maximum Boost by Corky Bell is an invaluable read for boostheads of any experience level, but I'd be very interested to know what sources the rest of you have found useful.

    Thanks! :)
  2. tricky

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    welcome to the dark side! I too was new to the FI world but now that I'm here...I will never go back. there's some info here, if not there browse around, do a search or 2. Corky know's his shit, his book is a good read. Also, Boomergt knows his shit when it comes to our car (mazdaspeed protege). He's been a pioneer for us in MN as well as in the protege community.

  3. mndsm

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    Find the DSM crowd and they will lead you to the promised land. They have done more bad things to good cars than anyone on the planet, and your average DSM guy could talk a Honda engine builder under the table.
  4. JustROLLIN

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    Agreed. Maybe thats because I have owned 3 DSMs... ;) Seriously though, any DSM site will have a WEALTH of turbo knowledge. Those guys are running 60 trim and bigger turbos on a regular basis. Plus, if you need any general knowledge has some great diagrams.
  5. AJ

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    Maximum Boost by Corky Bell is a solid starting point. I've got a copy at home and I'd suggest it as a good starting point for anyone. Here are some other solid links to look at:

    Turbo Calulations from a GN Site;

    Turbo Selection (Flow Maps);

    Turbo Design;

    Heat Exchange & Intercooler info from the same GN Site;

    General IC INfo;

    Other than that I'd suggest all the DSM sites but the fact is there is most cobbeled and useless info out there than good info. So you need to know who's typing what. When you are on sites like or similar you need to look at who's posting what.

    Best possible thing to do is gather your info, put everything on paper, and hit up a couple people for advice on the project and see how their opinions differ.
  6. niterydr

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    Ask anything and well, I will probably have the answer for you.

    Maximum Boost by Corky Bell is a good starting point. I"ve owned that book twice now, borrowed it out both times, and well I don't have it.
    Decent intercooler VFAQ in our section on the local mitsu board.
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  7. dmention7

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    I have a feeling that I will have plenty of noob questions for everyone at dyno day... lol

    I just need to get a handle on some of basics first so I can ask intelligent questions.

    Thanks for the replies so far. Hopefully this thread will be of use to other members as well.
  8. Picklz

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    Great idea this thread is, I'll have to check that book out and some of the links provided here, I'm kicking around the idea of throwing a turbo on the V6 :66:
  9. dmention7

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    Matt (or should I call you Yoda... lol), have many people turboed that v6 yet? I'm not up on that engine's aftermarket, but it seems like that could be a beast.
  10. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    I think there are a couple people that have done it, tuning is the problem, or lack there-of. Chitown666 on the 6club forums is selling his kit, he made 280whp without tuning at fairly low boost, A/F and such all looked good. So I'm considering that. Once tuning becomes available it could have some potential.
  11. dmention7

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    Ha! And 280whp isn't potential??
  12. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    well, its a good starting point :) actually anywhere in the 250-300 range I'd be happy, more than that and I think I'd just be spending all my money buying new tires.
  13. Slim

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    Resurrecting old thread:

    It's a good thread, maybe sticky...

    Anyways, I found a good beginners look at turbocharging on the Mazda corporate site. Enjoy!
  14. mndsm

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    Excellent find.
  15. Workdawg

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    I'll have to read that when I'm not supposed to be working... or tomorrow.

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