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* FINALIZED* Texas Holdem @ Picklz's - Saturday 6/25 @ 7PM


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
Where: Picklz Place (PM Me for Address if needed)
When: 7pm Till we quit
(If you can't make it till later you're still welcome to come, just let me know what time you think you can make it.)
Why: Play Texas Holdem!

No-Limit Texas Hold'em cash game. Buyin is $5 min / $10 max. Blinds are .05/.10 and re-buys are allowed if you bust out. This is a friendly game, all players and skill levels are welcome, I ask that you be respectful and this is BYOB. I will have some chips n snacks and stuff, people are welcome to go in on pizzas or other foods if desired.

If at all possible please bring $1's or $5's for your buy-in this makes my life of cashing people out at the end of the night significantly easier.

Generally we designate a couple of people dealers for the night and just switch on and off every so often as to not have to make people on the ends of the table deal, or make those uncomfortable with shuffling/dealing do so.

The last game I hosted we only had I think 1 or 2 people bust out, and everyone else played for hours on their $5 or $10 so it's a pretty low-risk entertainment. The theater is right next to the poker room for GT5/Movies for anyone who needs a break or busts out and isn't going to re-buy.

Let me know if you can make it!


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
Correct, I'll be leaving the picnic between 4 and 5 to get home and get things situated!


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
So Far we've got

Myself, Hayden, Mike, and Rick as confirmed. So I have at least 4 seats open if others want to play, just let me know if you think you'll be making it.


Owl Exterminator!!
Molly will come with me. I'll brush her up so it doesn't slow us down. You should convince Josh to stop being lame. And maybe Jake would come.


Sounds like I'm not going to be able to make it to this one. I suppose that's good for Picklz though... <.<


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
One more bamp for anyone sitting around tonight looking for something to do, I should have 3-4 seats open yet, will be starting in about an hour and play till everyone goes home, usually 12-1am or later.