Fall Detail Day at Morries?? Anyone Interested??

Discussion in 'Morrie's Mazda' started by DTruongMazda, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. DTruongMazda

    DTruongMazda New Member

    I'm just tentatively thinking about resurrecting the Morries Detail Event before the first snow fall.

    Just a show of hands, who might be interested in attending?? It would most likely be on a Sunday like a 10-2 day and you can use our detail equipment for your vehicles.

    This would be a great way to 'winterize' your vehicles, and make them uber clean before winter. Or stop on by and shoot the shit with a bunch of car fanatics. Should be fun.

    So who's in?? I'm looking for about at least 10 people or so?

  2. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    If it's a day I'm free I would be interested.
  3. 1Kris06

    1Kris06 MAD LIGHTS YO

    I've been really bad about hand washing/detailing my car this summer, and by bad I mean I haven't. If I'm free, I'd show up.
  4. matt8478

    matt8478 New Member

    I am down for this too.
  5. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

  6. ohsixspeedsix

    ohsixspeedsix Owl Exterminator!!

    Id be down for that.
  7. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    I'm in. I miss these.
  8. Cmezz331

    Cmezz331 Member

    in doods
  9. escort1991

    escort1991 New Member

    If available, I am in. Also, what kind of cost are we looking at?
  10. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    In the past, these were free.99... as part of our sponsorship package. Danny, if you wanna confirm, let me know.
  11. escort1991

    escort1991 New Member

    Oh nice! I actually kind of miss working detail at a dealership. Got to drive some sweet cars. AND my car was clean 24-7.
  12. Big Nate

    Big Nate Chaos Engineer

  13. Workdawg

    Workdawg NARWHAL

    Sweet, I'd likely be in as long as I'm not busy. I used to organize these with Michael until he moved to work on the Luxury side. I tried talking to the new guy, but he didn't want to deal with us. Good to have someone who can make this happen again.
  14. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    As long as I'm free, I'll show up with or without a car.
  15. DTruongMazda

    DTruongMazda New Member

    Yes this will be a free event.

    Maybe we can all pitch in and bring snacks? like Donuts and coffee?

    This will be my duty this week to set this up and finalize the day and time. I'm shooting for October.
  16. k.trazy

    k.trazy New Member

    I'm assuming it has to be during shop hours. If it's on a Monday, I can certainly attend. I'm working a whole lot otherwise. What do you work as? Sales? Advisor? Parts?
  17. Workdawg

    Workdawg NARWHAL

    It'll be on a Sunday, so we aren't taking up shop space. Danny said that in the original post.
  18. k.trazy

    k.trazy New Member

    Ahh, missed over that bit of information. Skimmed a little too fast. I'd be down, would be cool to put some faces to usernames on here.
  19. million

    million Member

    Bummer. Sundays in Oct are not good for me. I would have like to attend. Oh well.
  20. DTruongMazda

    DTruongMazda New Member

    Ok Tentatively... The Date has been set for Oct 14th. 10AM - 2PM.

    Car wash will be available, All detailing products may be used, Vacuums.

    For organization I'll probably have the products outside, and use the detailing bay for vacuuming. Max of 4 cars in the bay at a time.

    I'll start another thread sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

    Who will be there: both Morries Sponsored clubs - MN MAZDA and MN MIATA CLUB.

    I will finalize everything tomorrow.


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