Engine - Oil Filter Element Replacement Precautions

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    Bulletin No.: 01-035/08

    Last Issued: 07/07/2008


    BULLETIN NOTE: This bulletin supersedes the previous bulletin 01-046/04 issued on 12/23/04. The APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/ VINS and REPAIR INFORMATION has been revised.

    2003-2008 Mazda6 2.3L
    2004-2008 Mazda3 2.3L
    2006-2008 Mazda5
    2007-2008 Mazdaspeed3
    2006-2007 Mazdaspeed6
    2007-2008 CX-7


    The applicable models listed in this bulletin incorporate an oil filter cartridge that is housed within the engine. If the oil filter cartridge housing cover is not removed and/or installed using the correct tool, damage to the sides or bottom of the plastic cover may occur. Engine oil leakage or severe engine damage may occur if the damage is excessive.


    Use Oil Filter Wrench (SST AKS75140 - 75.6 mm x 14 Flutes) for oil filter cartridge housing cover removal.

    NOTE: ^ SST AKS75140 is contained in Oil Filter Wrench Set (SST AKS96085).

    ^ SST AKS75140 has a plated finish for easy identification.

    WARNING: ^ Remove and install all parts when the engine is cold, otherwise, they can cause severe burns or
    serious injury.

    ^ A vehicle that is lifted but not securely supported on safety stands is dangerous. It can slip or fall, causing death or serious injury. Never work around or under a lifted vehicle if it is not securely supported on safety stands.

    ^ Continuous exposure to used engine oil has caused skin cancer in laboratory mice. Protect your skin by washing with soap and water immediately after working with engine oil.

    CAUTION: If engine oil is spilled on the exhaust system, wipe it off completely. If you fail to wipe the spilled engine oil, it will produce fumes because of the heat.

    1. Remove under cover.

    2. Loosen oil filter drain plug, but do not remove it.

    3. Place SST AKS75140 over bottom of oil filter (cartridge) housing cover.

    4. Loosen filter cover 1 turn using 3/8" drive ratchet.

    5. Remove oil filter drain plug and drain engine oil.

    6. Remove oil filter cover and oil filter (cartridge).

    CAUTION: To avoid damaging the oil filter cover, never use these types of oil filter removal tools to remove or install the oil filter cover.

    7. Use a clean rag to wipe off mounting surface on oil filter adapter and oil filter cover.

    8. Remove old O-rings from oil filter drain plug and oil filter cover.

    9. Apply clean oil to new O-ring of oil filter cover and install on cover.

    10. Apply clean oil to new O-ring of oil filter drain plug and install on plug.

    11. Install new oil filter (cartridge) to oil filter cover.

    12. Install oil filter cover with filter to engine.

    13. Place tool over bottom of oil filter cover and tighten.

    ^ Tightening Torque: 30 - 35 Nm (3.1 - 3.5 kgfm, 22.2 - 25.8 ft. lbf.)

    14. Install drain plug and tighten.

    ^ Tightening Torque: 9 - 11 Nm (91.8 - 112.2 kgfcm, 79.6 - 97.2 in. lbf.)

    15. Add correct viscosity engine oil as needed.

    NOTE: Refer to Workshop Manual or Owners Manual to determine correct oil viscosity.

    16. Start engine and confirm there is no oil leakage.

    NOTE: If an oil leak is present, repair or replace applicable part(s).

    17. Verify correct engine oil level.

    18. Install under cover.

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