Engine - Front Crankshaft Bolt Service Precautions

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    TSB: 01-040/07


    NOTE: This bulletin replaces 01-022/06. Please update your records accordingly.

    BULLETIN NOTE This bulletin supersedes the previous bulletin 01-022/06 issued 6/16/2006. The APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS and DESCRIPTION have been updated.

    2006-2008 Mazda MX-5
    2004-2008 Mazda3 2.0L & 2.3L
    2007-2008 Mazdaspeed3
    2006-2008 Mazda5
    2003-2008 Mazda6 2.3L
    2006-2007 Mazdaspeed6
    2007-2008 Mazda CX-7
    2001-2004 Tribute 2.0L
    2005-2006 Tribute 2.3L
    2008 Tribute & Hybrid 2.3L
    2001-2008 B-Series 2.3L


    When removing or replacing the crankshaft pulley, always be sure to follow the Workshop Manual procedures. The crankshaft pulley is not keyed to the crankshaft and when loosened, it may move out of position on the crankshaft. The engine MUST be re-timed whenever the crankshaft pulley bolt is loosened, removed, or replaced.

    CAUTION: Engine damage will occur if the engine is not re-timed properly. Refer to the applicable Workshop Manual (Section 01-10 - MECHANICAL).

    For normally aspirated engines, follow the Workshop Manual engine timing procedures and use the following Special Service Tools.

    The crankshaft pulley bolt cannot be re-used, it must be replaced.

    For additional information, refer to Engine Timing Verification and Correction LF 2.0L and L3/L3T 2.3L under MS3, Training, Mazda job Aids.

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