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dvd install


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does anyone know how to easily remove this door, i wana mount a dvd player up there and need to build a housing for it so i dont wana take apart the whole dash right away.


you have to take out the cup holders, shifter section, radio, and then you can remove the compartment. not sure how the door comes off tho.


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Sadly there isn't really a good way to get the cover of the storage compartment off without doing pretty much what Kris said, you need to pull the rear center console trim where the cup holders are, the front trim where the shifter is, then pull out the HVAC/RADIO panel which comes out all as one section IIRC. After that you'll have access to a couple screws that hold that top compartment in. Once it's removed I don't think it'll be too hard to figure out how to remove the door, but I've never done it personally.


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i kinda figured id have to do all that, nothing is ever easy, i just figured with all the gauge pods made to go up there that someone might have found an easier way besides just busting it off.