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Detail stuff GB


Alright, I've updated the first post with everyones lists and a grand total. We've got enough that we could place 2 seperate orders of > $95 (the coupon for 15% and free shipping is $95 min). We also have only 2 Meguiar's products. The MIR says the eligible products must be > 7oz, I would think the claybars, though small, would qualify since their still expensive, but I don't know for sure. If someone wants to add a Meguiar's product, that's cool, we'll figure out of the pricing works out between MIR involved peeps. Maybe MrMatt want's to get the same Meg's claybar pack as AJ and I and just get a bottle of quik detailer from somewhere else, who knows.

Also, the Meguiar's products have to be on the same order of course.

If anyone wants to add anything, do so by 6pm tomorrow. If Nate has a deal for us by then, great, otherwise 15% and free shipping it is. I'll organize the purchase of everything.


I updated Picklès stuff and added the claybar pack to Pete's order. That fills up the meguiar's MIR.

Total is updated as of now.


Alrighty, the order has been placed! Total came out to $310.43 since apparently the BOGO items didn't get the 15% off (took me a while to figure out why my totals were wrong, but the math indicates this)

New totals per my fancy ass spreadsheet taking this into account are:

Me: $109.62
Eddy: $16.48 (instead of $15.28 because of one bogo item not 15% off)
Pete: $33.98
AJ: $25.48
Matt $124.87 (your total is the same as above since I added all items to a cart and applied the coupon to get it)

TOTAL = $310.47

Shipping is standard UPS ground, Apr 16-22 is estimated arrival.


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Well, sorry I missed the order, but it turns out I'm spending about the same as Pickles... so I just did my own...

Did the Klasse Kit and the P21 Carnauba, 2 bottles of 303 Protectant (one to try on my convertible top and one for my sister), 303 Convertible top cleaner (BOGO), Lexol Vinylex (to try on my interiors... 303 is too matte), 3 leather/vinyl brushes (one for the top, one for leather cleaning, one for leather conditioning to try...), and the Mother's clay pack...

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OK even though this is late. I got a reply from Meghan this morning.

"Nate just email me what you are looking to buy, I would say free shipping and 15% off would be what I can do easily for you. But need to know all the info, like is this going on just one credit card? Shipping to one address, and will there just be one person in charge of being the one we deal with."

Is what she said. I am going to talk a little more with her and work out a sponsor ship of some sort.


You could give her my order info and see if she can work something out on the order still... I'll PM ya the details.


So yeah, not sure 100% when the stuff will show up, but I'll probably keep it in my trunk so that I have it when I see people. Bring cash :p

Alternatively, if ya want to pay me via paypal, you can PM me for my email address... I'd only ask that you add 3% for paypal fees.


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My order shipped last Friday and is set to arrive this Wednesday, so it will probably be here the end of this week. Next Wednesday for a Porky's distribution?

Also Dan, how are we working the deal with the McGuire's stuff?...3 way split of whatever the rebate would be? Just wondering, since it doesn't look like that was factored into the cost.


I got tracking info a bit ago. It's sheduled for 4/16, so probably not this week for distribution. For the rebate, that's pretty much what I had in mind pete.


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Dan let me know if you want the funds now via pay pal or if you want to schedule another time to just get you a cash/check.

Thanks again for organizing this!


I'm not in any big hurry for it, if paypal is easier for you, PM me and I'll send my addy, otherwise I'll take COD.