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debadge & such


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so i want to debadge my 6 (rear and paint the flying M black) and quite possibly get rid of the door guards. any recommendations?


fishing line and depending on the age of the car, be prepared to wash it like a million times.
Wait for a nice sunny day, or if you have a heat gun you can use that to soften the adhesive on the door guards. The warmer they are the less adhesive you will have to peel off the doors


Yeah, it's REALLY easy. The door moldings will most likely peel clean if you leave it in the sun and get it nice and hot. Rear badge, I used a heat gun, but sun will work there too (mine was a "Ima debadge this shit...NOW" situation. Keep in mind the rear flying M has two pins in it and will not debadge clean- it will leave two holes in your rear lid.

As far as the wash portion- wash it twice, clay the sections where the 3m tape from the badges is still stuck to get it off (Or use bug and tar remover) wash it a 3rd time when you're done with that, and give it a good wax. Should be super sparkly and ready for summer.


The way I've done it is to use fishing line or dental floss to "saw" through the 3M tape, using bug & tar remover along the way. Then hit it up with more bug & tar to get rid of any leftover adhesive. Make sure you wear thick gloves or your hands will pay the price.


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awesome. THANKS GUYS!! will def post pics when im done. plus i got my fog lights today and getting my new grill on monday.


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alright. so the fog lights that came in didnt fit and were a piece of junk. but i did put on my new grill. also, i debadged it and painted the rear M black.



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Check here for universal led fog lights.
I bought OPT7 kit for my 2004 Acura TSX.
These bulbs are awesome! I can see 100% better. I also have the fog lights which are the same bulbs. The field of vision is expanded and the street signs become really reflective and stand out from a far distance away.


is the word, beotch
What mndsm said. Hot sunny day and everything will peel right off. Wash, clay bar and polish/wax/sealant and you're good to go! This was one of the first things I did to my car and I still look down on stock door strips whenever I pull up next to another 3 at a stop light...lol