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DavidPHumes' turbo LSx S5 FC Swap Thread...


is the word, beotch
I was reading back through this thread. Any update on this build? I'd love to see some updated pics and hear what's happening with it.


110 HP of FURY!
That video, Oh My God. That was by far one of, if not the best sounding motors I've had the pleasure of listening to. Piped in through headphones, wow was that nice. Skrillex should do a mix of that.


is the word, beotch
Absolutely awe inspiring! I'm with AJ with regard to the engine sound. Thanks for replying back with an update so quickly. So what's left to get it to 100%? Interior, exterior, more motor mods or suspension....or other?


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Now that the weather is better I'm ramping up on getting it done. I bought some little stuff I needed (hood struts on the way too) and also sent a few dollars for some great condition Infini seats. I've always wanted these so I figured why not? They're sort of ugly and sort of not... just like the FC.

To answer your questions, all that's left is some small interior stuff, putting the hood pins in, some rear end alignment, mount the shifter, and bleed the brakes. And then a tune. So it's pretty close.

So yeah, I'm committed to this thing being done and tuned by June 1.


I think given the build, those seats will be perfect. You sir, are a master of your craft.


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Thanks, though I wouldn't go that far :)

I got the RX-7 dug out of storage this weekend. I'm going to spend some quality time working on it next weekend.

Things to do:

Figure out driveshaft alignment (it's rubbing a bit on the front torque arm mounts and needs to be centered. Any suggestions for centering this would be appreciated.)
Bleed brake lines
Fill rear end with gear oil
Mount shifter (I'm probably going to use some angle iron and box it in)
Locate lugs for the rear wheel studs (I only have 6, need 10)

I'm thinking about plasti-dipping the RPF1s black to see what it would look like. I intend to get the windows tinted pretty dark, and I feel like black would compliment everything else pretty well.

The Infini seats should be here Wednesday. I'll post pics when I receive them. One of the bolsters is worn so I might have that fixed. I'm not sure yet how bad it is (with the pics it wasn't easy to tell) so I'll look on Wed.


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We do have a tint day on May 11th. I think there's still a spot or two left...

Definitely looking forward to seeing this soon!