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Discussion in 'Sticky Geek' started by StickyGeek, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Looking for something in particular to be made? Let us know the details of your project and we can work on getting a price quote.

    • Dimensions
    • Color
    • General Idea & Layout (pics work well if you have seen it before)
    • Etc...

    Pricing will depend on the complexity, size, material, etc. More pricing break downs will be up soon.

    Our intro post has colors listed in it. If we happen to not have a color in stock you want, we should be able to order it.
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  2. dmention7

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    I don't have any specific design ideas, but here's a concept that has been tossed around a few times and I would like to see happen: "Jackstand Mafia".

    Possibly a basic car profile on jackstands--no wheels--with text beneath it. Something to give the impression that the POS it's stuck on spends more time supported by jack stands than wheels. :D

    Sort of like this...

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  3. escort1991

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    Mnmazda qr?
  4. PowderKeg

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    PM sent!
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  5. StickyGeek

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    I like :) I figure I'll do a concept and post those up and see what people think. Then we can make an amount of them based on demand.
  6. StickyGeek

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    QR codes have yet to work for me. BUT I'm going to tweak my cutter a bit and see if I can get it to work. I'll keep you updated.
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    Replied back to you!
  8. mndsm

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    Good call Mark. I like it.
  9. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Lemme know when you get something in that's extra gaudy/shiny/girly. I need me some Home School Prom Queen stickers.
  10. StickyGeek

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    I have not forgot about your ask Tom :) I'll look through my Vinyl book for some gaudy stuffs :)
  11. StickyGeek

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    Tim, you got concepts in PM now :)
  12. i need a price quote on a silhouette or color of a honey badger 3' by 3' going on our paintball tank.
  13. I would also take a jackstand mafia sticker! That idea is awesome.

    Also I would like a couple "Got Bags" and some "Got Rice" stickers in this font

  14. mndsm

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    3' by 3'? they can't cut stickers that big, yo. I imagine you mean 3" by 3"
  15. nope i ment 3 feet by 3 feet.
  16. 007CobaltLS

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    I have 2 things I want done...I have to find pics. Will PM them to you later this week/weekend if I have time. Also, from your color chart...I'm looking for some kind of silver...I notice the one on the chart is metallic, I'm thinking maybe the Middle Gray or Light Gray would work better. We'll worry about that after I send you pics of what I'm looking to get.
  17. StickyGeek

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    Can't cut quite that big. 23" x 50' is my size limit. But when you look and how the sticker might laid out that can work. Honey badgers are not square after all :) He would stand about 23 inches tall then and be 32 inches wide.

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  18. cant see link need to contact admin
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    Updated to a Image on my site. Check the last post

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