Come Test Drive the 2014 Mazda 6 GT!

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    I didn't imply parts counter was sales...I was just referencing another job I had and at one point while working in the company I did sales. And stating that I couldn't do a job working strictly sales (such as car sales). Not only would I not want to, but I wouldn't be able to. I don't have patience, my sales tactics are different from others, and I just don't enjoy working with people directly like that.

    The thing is Culligan has a sales team...all they do is sales...they have a base pay plus commission for sales. That's their job. In the position I was a route delivery job. We had expectations to do sales when there was already a sales force. We spent 6-10 hours a day humping 43 pound jugs of water around and on top of that they wanted sales out of us. I only met quotas because I (along with about half of the others in the route department) didn't see the possibility of completing our primary job and having time to get's not a position where you have walk-in're out on a route doing a job that takes all your time.
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    That's how I got my foot into the automotive business. I started off as a Service Runner at Inver Grove Volkswagen. Then moved up to a Greeter and now an Advisor.

    I'd recommend getting your foot into the door doing something trivial and stay there so you can learn the ropes on the higher up stuff, then you'd be a better candidate to move up instead of getting a fresh guy off the streets.
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    interviews are about selling yourself to the interviewer with enthusiasm, knowledge of the field, how you will benefit the company, knowledge of the company, how you will pull your past experience into the position you are interviewing for.

    Sales isn't just about selling. Most of it is about providing exceptional customer service, finding their wants/needs/concerns/etc and then tailoring your sales presentation to their wants/needs/concerns/etc to make them feels great about their purchase. I struggle with it every day in my sales job, but i am still newer at a FT sales job. However, it all starts with exceptional customer service.
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    Damn, I really like the new 6. i think it looks hot!

    Sales are all about Customer service, Product knowledge, and luck. Thats all there is to sales
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    Test drive the new 6, very impressed. Then I stole Dan's time and we took the 2013 ms3 out. That's a fun car.
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    Yea... don't get the GTI ;)
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    I may or may not have walked all over a GTI....we lol'd.

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